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Fender Highway Telecaster, USED

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Introducing the Fender Highway One Telecaster in Translucent Wine Red – a pinnacle of craftsmanship and tone in a visually striking package. Meticulously engineered by Fender, the Highway One Telecaster exemplifies the intersection of vintage design and contemporary playability.

The Translucent Wine Red finish not only imparts a rich aesthetic depth but also accentuates the grain of the alder body. This gloss-finished gem is more than just a guitar; it's a statement piece that resonates with the timeless allure of the Telecaster lineage.

Equipped with a unique tonal character, the Highway One Telecaster in Translucent Wine Red features a Rail Hum canceling DiMarzio Tele pickup in the bridge position, seamlessly blended with Fender's high-quality single-coil pickups. This combination delivers the signature Tele twang with enhanced clarity and hum-canceling capability, providing a modern edge to its classic roots. Navigate effortlessly through a spectrum of tones using the three-way pickup selector and master volume and tone controls, making it a versatile instrument for any musical genre.

The comfortable "C"-shaped maple neck and fingerboard enhance playability, allowing you to explore the 21 vintage-style frets with ease. The vintage-style bridge with brass saddles ensures precise intonation, while the sealed tuners guarantee stability in tuning, making it a reliable companion for demanding performances.

Whether you're gracing the stage or laying down tracks in the studio, the Fender Highway One Telecaster in Translucent Wine Red is your ticket to iconic Telecaster sound and style. Elevate your musical expression, harness the heritage of Fender craftsmanship, and make a resounding statement with this meticulously crafted instrument – where tradition seamlessly merges with innovation in a guitar designed to inspire.