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Fender Player '60s Stratocaster in Sunburst, USED

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The Fender Player '60s Stratocaster in Sunburst: Vintage Vibes with Modern Performance

Embrace the iconic sound and style of the 1960s with the Fender Player '60s Stratocaster in Sunburst finish. This guitar pays homage to the golden era of rock and roll while offering modern playability and performance features for today's discerning musicians.

1. **Classic Aesthetics**: The Sunburst finish of the Fender Player '60s Stratocaster exudes vintage charm and captures the essence of the iconic guitars from the 1960s. With its timeless look and sleek contours, this instrument stands out on stage and pays tribute to Fender's rich heritage.

2. **Vintage-Inspired Tone**: Equipped with three Player Series single-coil pickups, the '60s Stratocaster delivers the quintessential Strat tone that defined an era. From sparkling cleans to gritty overdrive, these pickups capture the dynamic range and expressive character of classic '60s Stratocasters, allowing you to dial in your signature sound with ease.

3. **Modern Playability**: The Fender Player '60s Stratocaster features a modern "C"-shaped neck profile with a 9.5" radius fingerboard, offering a comfortable playing experience that suits a wide range of playing styles. Whether you're shredding solos or laying down rhythm grooves, the smooth neck and fingerboard facilitate effortless fretting and smooth bends across the entire fretboard.

4. **Versatile Electronics**: With its traditional five-way pickup selector switch, the '60s Stratocaster provides access to a variety of pickup configurations, allowing you to explore a diverse range of tones. From the crisp, bell-like tones of the bridge pickup to the creamy warmth of the neck pickup, this guitar offers incredible sonic versatility for any musical genre.

5. **Reliable Hardware**: Built for reliable performance, the Fender Player '60s Stratocaster features high-quality hardware components, including a vintage-style synchronized tremolo bridge and die-cast tuning machines. These components provide smooth and stable tuning stability, allowing you to dive bomb and flutter with confidence while maintaining precise intonation.

6. **Exceptional Value**: As part of Fender's Player Series lineup, the '60s Stratocaster offers exceptional value for discerning players who demand quality and performance without breaking the bank. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a weekend warrior, this guitar delivers the legendary Fender tone and playability at an accessible price point.

In summary, the Fender Player '60s Stratocaster in Sunburst finish combines vintage aesthetics with modern performance features to create a versatile and inspiring instrument that captures the spirit of the 1960s while meeting the demands of today's players. Whether you're channeling the spirit of Hendrix, Clapton, or Gilmour, this guitar is sure to ignite your creativity and inspire countless hours of musical exploration.


  • Tremolo Arm: Included
  • Case: Gigbag Included