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Fender Stratocaster Plus Ultra 1991, USED

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The Fender Stratocaster Plus Ultra 1991, introduced in 1990, represents a pinnacle of innovation within the iconic Stratocaster lineup. This premium electric guitar combines classic Fender craftsmanship with cutting-edge features, making it a sought-after choice for discerning players who demand versatility, playability, and exceptional tone.

The Neck of this guitar has been changed for a 2002 American Deluxe Strat Neck with the pickups being upgraded Custom Shop Fat 50's

**Key Features:**

1. **Vintage-Inspired Design:**
The Fender Stratocaster Plus Ultra retains the beloved double-cutaway body shape that has made the Stratocaster an enduring symbol in the world of electric guitars. The alder body contributes to a balanced and resonant tone.

2. **Maple Neck with Rosewood Fingerboard:**
The maple neck provides a bright and articulate response, while the rosewood fingerboard offers a smooth playing surface. The combination of these tonewoods enhances the guitar's overall sonic characteristics.

3. **22-Fret Neck with Modern "C" Profile:**
The 22-fret neck with a modern "C" profile ensures comfortable playability and easy access to higher frets. This design accommodates a variety of playing styles, making it suitable for lead work, chords, and intricate soloing.

4. **Custom Shop Fat 50 Pickups:**
The Fender Fat '50s Strat Pickup Set gives you calibrated pickups constructed with hand-beveled, staggered Alnico V magnets and Formvar magnet wire and they deliver enhanced bass response without the harsh midrange. The middle pickup is reverse wound/reverse polarity for hum canceling in positions 2 and 4.

5. **Advanced Electronics:**
The guitar features advanced electronics, including an onboard preamp and a TBX (Treble/Bass Expander) tone control. The TBX control allows players to shape the tonal spectrum further, providing increased flexibility in crafting their sound.

6. **Wilkinson Roller Nut:**
The Wilkinson roller nut contributes to smooth string bending and tuning stability. Its design reduces friction at the nut, allowing for precise pitch control during vibrato and bending techniques.

7. **Hipshot Tremsetter:**
The inclusion of the Hipshot Tremsetter helps maintain tuning stability, especially during tremolo arm use. This innovative device reduces the impact of string friction and returns the tremolo to its original position, ensuring consistent tuning.

8. **Schaller Locking Tuners:**
The Schaller locking tuners enhance tuning stability and ease of string changes. These high-quality tuners provide an additional level of reliability for players who demand precision in their tuning.

9. **Variety of Finishes:**
The Fender Stratocaster Plus Ultra was available in a variety of finishes, allowing players to choose the look that suits their style. Whether it's a classic sunburst, a solid color, or a unique finish, the guitar's appearance is as diverse as its sonic capabilities.

The Fender Stratocaster Plus Ultra from 1991 is a testament to Fender's commitment to pushing the boundaries of guitar design while maintaining the timeless essence of the Stratocaster. With its combination of innovative features and classic aesthetics, this model remains a collector's item and a cherished instrument for players seeking the best in tone and playability.