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Furch Violet D-SY w/ LR Baggs, USED

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Furch are one of Fair Deal Music's most loved guitar brands! You really need to have one of their instruments in your hands to appreciate their true beauty. 

This is an incredible guitar. Its Spruce top give it a wonderful bright tone but with an astonishing depth to the low E strings.

The Furch brand owes its existence to our desire to make top-quality instruments for the most discerning musicians. All Furch guitars are made with passionate love, painstaking care, and meticulous attention to detail. The instruments are made from the highest quality tonewoods harvested in strict observance of responsible environmental practices. Combined with proprietary production processes and precision craftsmanship, the tonewoods we use provide Furch guitars with superb acoustic properties. 


This guitar has been kept in exceptional condition and has no dinks or dents.

Accessories Included: