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Gibson B15 Acoustic 1967, USED

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Introducing the 1967 Gibson B15 Acoustic Guitar, a true vintage gem that carries the rich history and unmistakable charm of its era. This second-hand beauty has aged gracefully, preserving all the mojo and character that can only be found in an instrument of this age.

Crafted by the renowned Gibson brand, the B15 model represents a pinnacle of acoustic guitar craftsmanship. With its all-original components, this guitar has stood the test of time and offers a unique playing experience that combines vintage allure with exceptional sound quality.

The resonant body of the Gibson B15 showcases the timeless combination of a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides. This tonewood pairing delivers a warm, balanced tone with a remarkable projection and sustain. Every strum and pluck brings forth a rich, mellow sound that only decades of playing can enhance.

The smooth mahogany neck is comfortable to hold and play, allowing for effortless fingerstyle or strumming. Its beautiful rosewood fingerboard adds a touch of elegance and ensures a buttery-smooth playing experience. With its vintage "dot" inlays, the fingerboard represents a slice of guitar history that adds to the instrument's allure.

While this Gibson B15 has been well-preserved, it proudly bears the marks of its age, showcasing the natural wear and tear that comes with years of love and musical expression. The guitar's overall condition contributes to its unique character and authentic vintage appeal.

Although the instrument is mostly original, it's worth noting that one tuning peg screw has been replaced. This minor modification does not detract from the guitar's performance or aesthetics, and instead adds to its story as a cherished instrument that has been well cared for.

Whether you're a seasoned guitarist seeking an instrument with undeniable vintage mojo or an aspiring musician yearning for a piece of history, the 1967 Gibson B15 Acoustic Guitar is ready to captivate you with its timeless beauty, exceptional tone, and the legacy it carries from years gone by.


  • Case: Hardcase Included