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Ibanez 2550 GZ, USED

Original price £900.00 - Original price £900.00
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£900.00 - £900.00
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Immerse yourself in the legacy of the secondhand Ibanez 2550 GZ, a testament to the brand's commitment to precision and sonic innovation. Crafted to perfection, this electric guitar invites you to explore a world of dynamic tones and unparalleled playability.

The Ibanez 2550 GZ, featuring a striking design and meticulous detailing, showcases the pinnacle of Ibanez craftsmanship. With a combination of premium tonewoods and precision engineering, this guitar delivers a rich and expressive sound that caters to a wide range of playing styles.

Equipped with high-quality pickups and versatile controls, the Ibanez 2550 GZ offers a sonic palette that spans from crisp cleans to high-octane distortion. The smooth playability of the neck, coupled with thoughtful design elements, ensures an effortless and enjoyable playing experience.

As a secondhand gem, this Ibanez 2550 GZ carries the marks of its own musical journey, adding a layer of character and history to your playing. Seize the opportunity to own a premium Ibanez model at a more accessible price point. Elevate your sound, embrace the craftsmanship, and let the secondhand Ibanez 2550 GZ become a cherished companion in your musical exploration.


Hard case, additional scratch plates and back plates