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Ibanez Jet King JTK2 in Brown Sunburst, USED

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The Ibanez Jet King JTK2 in Brown Sunburst: Retro Charm with Modern Performance

Get ready to rock with the Ibanez Jet King JTK2 in Brown Sunburst, a guitar that combines vintage aesthetics with contemporary playability. With its unique design, versatile pickups, and comfortable feel, the JTK2 is ready to inspire you to new musical heights.

Key Features:

1. Distinctive Design: The Jet King JTK2 features a retro-inspired body shape with a double-cutaway design, reminiscent of classic guitars from the 1960s. The offset waist and asymmetrical pickguard give the guitar a distinctive look that sets it apart from traditional solid-body designs.

2. Brown Sunburst Finish: The Brown Sunburst finish adds to the guitar's vintage vibe, with a rich, warm colour that complements its retro aesthetic. Whether you're playing on stage or in the studio, the eye-catching finish is sure to turn heads and make a statement.

3. Dual Ibanez Super 58 Humbuckers: The JTK2 is equipped with a pair of Ibanez Super 58 humbucking pickups, known for their warm, articulate tone and versatile sound. Whether you're playing clean rhythm chords or dialling in overdriven lead tones, these pickups deliver a wide range of sonic possibilities.

4. Comfortable Neck Profile: The JTK2 features a comfortable neck profile with a smooth, satin finish, making it easy to play for hours on end. Whether you're playing fast leads or intricate chord voicings, the neck feels comfortable and responsive, allowing for effortless playability.

5. Adjusto-Matic Bridge: The JTK2 is equipped with an Adjusto-Matic bridge, which allows for precise intonation and string height adjustment. Whether you prefer a low action for fast playing or a higher action for added sustain, the Adjusto-Matic bridge ensures that you can dial in the perfect setup for your playing style.

6. Vintage-Style Hardware: From the vintage-style knobs and pickup selector switch to the retro-inspired headstock and chrome hardware, every aspect of the JTK2 exudes vintage charm. Whether you're a fan of classic rock or modern indie, this guitar offers a timeless aesthetic that's sure to appeal to players of all genres.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the Ibanez Jet King JTK2 in Brown Sunburst offers the perfect blend of retro style and modern performance. With its distinctive design, versatile pickups, and comfortable playability, this guitar is ready to take your music to the next level.


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