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Ibanez JS2450 in Muscle Car Purple, USED

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The Ibanez JS2450 in Muscle Car Purple is a signature model designed in collaboration with legendary guitarist Joe Satriani. 

**Key Features:**

1. **Body Construction:**
- Basswood body for a balanced and resonant tone.
- Contoured body shape for player comfort during long performances.

2. **Neck and Fingerboard:**
- JS 3-piece maple/bubinga neck for stability and sustain.
- Rosewood or Panga Panga fingerboard (availability may vary) with 24 frets for extended range.

3. **Pickups:**
- DiMarzio Satch Track (neck), DiMarzio Mo' Joe (bridge) pickups for a powerful and dynamic tone.
- Coil-tap switch for single-coil tones, expanding tonal options.

4. **Controls:**
- Master volume and master tone controls for overall sound shaping.
- High-pass filter on the volume control for maintaining highs at low volumes.

5. **Bridge and Hardware:**
- Edge tremolo bridge for smooth pitch modulation and stability.
- Gotoh Magnum Lock machine heads for precise tuning.

6. **Scale Length:**
- 25.5-inch scale length for comfortable string tension and playability.

7. **Finish:**
- Muscle Car Purple finish for a striking and unique appearance.
- High gloss finish for a polished and visually appealing look.

8. **Signature Design:**
- Designed in collaboration with Joe Satriani, featuring his preferred specifications.
- Signature "Petal Grip" and Monkey Grip" handle designs for added visual flair.

9. **Performance-Oriented:**
- Built for the demands of professional players, suitable for various playing styles.
- Fast-playing neck profile for shredding and intricate playing.

10. **Quality Craftsmanship:**
- Crafted in Japan, ensuring high-quality construction and attention to detail.
- Premium materials and components for durability and longevity.

The Ibanez JS2450 in Muscle Car Purple is a high-performance guitar that caters to the needs of players who seek versatility, playability, and a visually stunning instrument. As with any guitar, for the most accurate and detailed information, it's recommended to check with official Ibanez dealers or the manufacturer directly.