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Lowden F-34 Koa 12th Fret, USED

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This guitar has never been played. Although we have to describe them as used, the previous owner hasn't used it at all. It is in immaculate condition, with no damage or wear. If you have any further questions, please email us at, or call us on 0121 643 1685.

The exquisite Lowden Original Series F-34 12 Fret acoustic guitar is an absolute masterpiece tailored for discerning musicians who demand nothing short of the extraordinary. Renowned for their unswerving dedication to quality and craftsmanship, Lowden unveils this exceptional instrument as a tribute to their illustrious legacy and tireless pursuit of sonic perfection.

The F-34 12 Fret model marks the freshest addition to the Original Series, a lineage firmly rooted in Lowden's inception back in 1976. With its distinct two-number model nomenclature, the Original Series distinguishes itself from other Lowden lines such as the 35 and 50. It exudes an understated elegance, with a seven-piece wood rosette, single-piece binding, and three-piece purfling adorning the top. The rosewood front-head facing and ebony fingerboard further amplify its visual allure.

Let us delve into the extraordinary features that set the F-34 12 Fret apart from the crowd. Its body is artfully shaped through a fusion of Koa for the back and sides, and Sitka Spruce for the soundboard. This melding births a distinct, jazz-infused warmth ideally suited for an extensive array of playing styles – from fervent chord strumming to the delicate plucking of intricate melodies.

A defining aspect of the F-34 12 Fret lies in its 12-fret join, a design choice that imparts remarkable tonal dividends. By repositioning the bridge and bringing the neck closer to the body, this configuration yields unparalleled resonance, volume, and potency. Additionally, it augments comfort, alleviating wrist and hand strain, especially during lower-fretboard play. This thoughtful approach guarantees a seamless playing experience, permitting you to become fully engrossed in your music.

The F shape, introduced by Lowden in 1982 and refined in 2003, further elevates the guitar's extraordinary tonal characteristics. The petite soundbox design projects exceptional midrange response and projection, making it a veritable haven for flatpickers. Nevertheless, its versatility transcends boundaries, captivating fingerstyle players, blues enthusiasts, and musicians from diverse genres. The soundbox geometry and meticulously voiced bracing contribute to a balanced tonal spectrum, eschewing favoritism toward treble or bass, resulting in a harmonious blend that will enrapture your audience.

The craftsmanship of the F-34 12 Fret extends to every minutiae. The neck, hewn from a harmonious fusion of 5-piece mahogany and rosewood, imparts unparalleled stability and resonance. The ebony fingerboard affords a seamless and comfortable playing surface, allowing your fingers to glide effortlessly across the frets. The revered GL standard neck profile guarantees an optimal playing encounter, measuring 45mm at the nut and extending to 57mm at the 14th fret, providing an agreeable grip and facilitating precision in technique.

This exquisite instrument is bedecked with graceful maple binding and striking mahogany-rocklite-maple purflings, which spotlight the meticulous attention to detail that defines Lowden guitars. The Gotoh 381 Gold tuners with ebony buttons ensure precise tuning stability, safeguarding your performance's unwavering harmony.

When you select the Lowden F-34 12 Fret, you're not merely acquiring a guitar; you're embracing a legacy of unparalleled craftsmanship and sonic transcendence. This instrument stands as a testament to the unflagging ardor and commitment George Lowden and his team infuse into every creation. The moment you lay hands on the F-34 12 Fret, you'll encounter its astonishing responsiveness, unlocking avenues for expression that you've hitherto envisioned. Propel your music to unprecedented altitudes with the Lowden Original Series F-34 12 Fret and embark on a musical odyssey like none other.


This guitar has never been played. Although we have to describe them as used, the previous owner hasn't used it at all. It is in immaculate condition, with no damage or wear.

Accessories Included:

Lowden hard case and paperwork included.