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Marshall Blues Breaker Vintage Original Series, USED

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Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of the Marshall Blues Breaker Vintage Original Series—an amplifier that encapsulates the essence of classic blues tones with a touch of iconic Marshall grit.

Crafted as part of Marshall's Vintage Original Series, the Blues Breaker pays homage to the legendary 1962 combo. This amplifier is a true vintage reissue, recreating the magic of the original design while adding modern enhancements for today's discerning guitarist.

Featuring a handwired circuitry, this amp delivers the warm and expressive sound that defined the blues genre. The two-channel setup allows you to seamlessly transition between shimmering cleans and the unmistakable Marshall overdrive that has shaped the sound of countless guitar legends.

The vintage aesthetics, coupled with the iconic Marshall logo, make the Blues Breaker a statement piece for any stage or studio. Imbued with the spirit of classic blues, this amplifier invites you to explore the nuances of tone and dynamics that define the genre.

Whether you're a blues purist or a tone connoisseur, the Marshall Blues Breaker Vintage Original Series beckons you to experience the rich history and sonic legacy that only Marshall can offer. Elevate your sound, capture the spirit of the blues, and let the Blues Breaker be your gateway to timeless guitar tones.