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Marshall COVR-00089 Amp Cover fo Marshall MG10 Electric Guitar Combo Amp

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The Marshall COVR-00089 is the official Marshall-branded protective amp cover made to fit your Marshall MG10 Electric Guiter Amplifier. Whether you are a travelling musician or bedroom performer, this cover will protect your amp from the inevitable. Make scrapes and spillages from transporting your amp a thing of the past, keep dust at bay when your amp is in storage and aid in preventing any electrical faults arising due to dust. The cover features an amp handle access hole to allow you to move your amp with the cover on, preventing any damage from pesky knocks and dings which could otherwise damage your amps tolex finish. 

Extend the lifespan of your amp, protect that iconic Marshall sound and keep your amp looking brand new!

We aren't an insurance broker, we don't protect you against fire and theft, but this cover certainly will protect your amp against accidents. Love your amp, protect that iconic Marshall sound and keep your amp in perfect condition.

Designed for: MG10

Colour: Black

Please note: image is for illustration purposes only. The colour of the Marshall logo is subject to change (White/Gold) at the manufacturers discretion.