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Marshall DSL20-HR 20W Head Amplifier

Original price £579.00
Original price £579.00 - Original price £579.00
Original price £579.00
Current price £369.00
£369.00 - £369.00
Current price £369.00

An evolution of the Dual Super Lead range, with features and functionality for home players to serious stadium musicians. We are excited to announce the new DSL amplifier head, cabinet and combo range from Marshall. The renowned tone of the Dual Super Lead now comes with new and updated features throughout the range.

Adjustable power output

The new DSL models feature adjustable power settings which provide all-valve tone at appropriate volumes for the bedroom to the stage. Unlike traditional power settings, the technology on the larger DSL models reshapes the power to the valves instead of turning off valve stages. This gives you the best all-valve tone at both low power or full power.

EQ adjustments Some careful tweaks to the EQ circuitry have moderated the overly bass-heavy sounds that some previous DSL models had out of the box. Don’t worry - you can dial it back in with the EQ should you wish.

Emulated output Our partnership with Softube® has led to award-winning plug-ins and exceptional tone in our CODE digital amps. This same partnership is behind the new emulated output feature. Both the headphones and line out on the DSL models benefit from accurate emulation of our famed 1960 cabinet.

New models Additions to the range include the DSL20 combo and head (which replaces the DSL15 models) and all-new DSL1 head and combos which offer all-valve Marshall tone in a smaller package.

Increased flexibility The DSL is now more versatile than ever, with new features including separate master volume controls, built-in reverb and resonance controls*. *Dependant on amplifier mode

New DSL 20W Combo

  • Gain and volume per channel
  • Dedicated resonance control
  • EL34 valves
  • High and low power settings
  • Reverb
  • Softube® emulated output

Here's our thoughts...

The highly acclaimed Marshall DSL range of guitar amplifiers has evolved. Since its inception in 1997 the DSL has been known for its value for money, portability and obviously that classic tone, the latest generation of Dual Super Lead amplifiers have been given a new lease of life and a fresh take on what a modern day Marshall Amplifier should offer to guitarists.

From the bedroom to the stage and everything in between, the DSL 2 Series covers all bases and all genres. From glassy clean tones, Classic Rock crunch to all out high gain Metal tones these DSL’s have got you covered.

The range in size and wattage has evolved as well, the new series features a 1 watt combo and head, a 5 watt combo, a 20 watt combo and head, a 40 watt combo and a 100 watt head.

Every amp in the collection has adjustable power control meaning you can get some serious valve tone whether you’re in the bedroom practising or melting faces at your next gig. The DSL1 has a switch to the rear of the amp that will even reduce its output to 1/10 of a watt, great for late night shredathons without waking your neighbours. Some of the larger amps in the series have been given new technology so that rather than turning off power valve stages it actually re-shapes the power going to the valves giving you that pure valve tone at lower volumes. Clever stuff indeed!

As many more guitarists are getting involved with home recording, the astute chaps at Marshall have identified this as another area in which they can add great value to their DSL amps. In partnership with Softube, they have developed an outstanding, digital emulated output feature. Both the headphones and line out on the amps benefit from an accurate emulation of the famed Marshall 1936 extension cabinet and are ideal for home recording going directly into your interface or straight into the mixing desk at a gig. To top it all off they all feature a silent recording mode.

Other upgrades include built in Reverb on every amp, separate master volume and resonance controls, modest EQ adjustments to make the mids more pronounced as well as combating some of that high end sizzle that drew a little criticism on the previous version and all of the combo’s will now be driven by Celestion speakers.

A lot was made of the origin of where the previous DSL amps have been manufactured so you have to really appreciate the honesty and ingenuity of the guys and girls at Marshall. They’ve been over to Vietnam and created the MAV (Marshall Amplification Vietnam) factory which is set up EXACTLY the same as their UK base for the sole purpose of being more competitively priced and being able to offer more for less. You still get the same easy to use, great sounding old school Marshall tones but not at the premium you’d pay for a UK made amplifier.

We’re very impressed with this offering from the world’s most famous guitar amp manufacturer and we really think you will too. Have a watch of the video, pick your DSL and get your order in.