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Marshall JVM210H 100W Valve Head, USED

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The Marshall JVM210H is a proud member of the JVM Series, representing the pinnacle of all-valve amplifiers in Marshall's illustrious history. This series stands as a testament to Marshall's commitment to delivering unparalleled tone through all-valve technology. It's safe to say that no other multi-channel, multi-mode amplifier on the market can match the exceptional valve-driven sound that the JVM Series offers.

At the heart of the JVM210H lies a treasure trove of all-valve voicings, offering an extensive spectrum of tones that are easily accessible through intuitive front-panel switches, MIDI connectivity, or the innovative footswitch included with the amplifier. Widely acclaimed as a groundbreaking achievement in amplification, the JVM Series is celebrated by guitarists worldwide for its ability to reproduce the iconic Marshall roar.

The JVM210H draws its power from the legendary EL34 valves, known for their unmatched sonic character and rock 'n' roll heritage. These valves are the driving force behind the amplifier's dynamic and responsive sound, delivering that unmistakable Marshall DNA that has defined generations of music.

Whether you're in search of versatile valve tone with boundless flexibility (as found in the JVM4 range) or a more refined format with the sophistication of the JVM's features (as offered by the JVM2 range), the JVM Series has you covered. Each amplifier in this series is meticulously handbuilt with pride and rigorously tested in Marshall's renowned British factory, ensuring that you're getting an amplifier that meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

In summary, the Marshall JVM210H is a true testament to Marshall's legacy of delivering exceptional valve amplifiers. With its wide range of tonal possibilities, peerless EL34 powerstage, and meticulous craftsmanship, this amplifier stands as a shining example of Marshall's dedication to providing guitarists with the ultimate sonic experience.


This amp is in good condition, with signs of use/wear.

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