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Martin SC-13E Special, USED

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Martin SC-13 Series Overview:

The Martin SC-13 series marks a departure from traditional acoustic guitar design, presenting a distinctive and ergonomic approach with a focus on player comfort and versatility.

**Key Features:**

**Body Shape:**
- The SC-13 introduces a novel, asymmetric body shape designed for enhanced comfort and easy access to higher frets.
- Crafted with precision using premium tonewoods, ensuring a well-balanced and resonant acoustic tone.

**Neck and Fingerboard:**
- Typically features a modified low oval neck profile, enhancing playability and comfort during extended playing sessions.
- The fingerboard is expertly crafted from ebony, delivering a smooth playing experience and a sophisticated aesthetic.

**Cutaway Design:**
- The guitar incorporates a cutaway design, providing effortless access to the higher frets for expanded playing possibilities.

- Equipped with high-quality electronics for exceptional amplified performance.
- Onboard preamp/pickup systems are meticulously designed to faithfully capture the guitar's natural tone when plugged in.

- Suited for various playing styles, ranging from delicate fingerstyle techniques to dynamic strumming.
- The innovative design is tailored to appeal to musicians seeking a contemporary and comfortable acoustic playing experience.

**Unique Bridge Design:**
- Some models boast a distinctive bridge design, contributing to the guitar's overall aesthetic appeal and functional performance.

**Premium Materials:**
- Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, incorporating premium tonewoods that ensure both visual allure and tonal excellence.

- The SC-13 series exemplifies Martin's dedication to innovation while upholding the fundamental principles of acoustic guitar craftsmanship.

Please note that for the most accurate and up-to-date information on the Martin SC-13 Special, I recommend checking Martin Guitar's official website or contacting authorized Martin dealers. They can provide detailed specifications and any unique features associated with the "Special" edition.