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Maya ES175 Made in Japan (MIJ), USED

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The Maya ES175 Made in Japan (MIJ): A Tribute to Timeless Jazz Tone and Craftsmanship

Step into the world of classic jazz with the Maya ES175, meticulously crafted in Japan to pay homage to the iconic ES-175 guitar. Renowned for its warm, articulate tone and effortless playability, the Maya ES175 MIJ captures the essence of vintage jazz guitars while offering modern reliability and performance.

Key Features:

1. Semi-Hollow Body Design: The Maya ES175 features a traditional semi-hollow body construction, crafted from select tonewoods to deliver rich, resonant tones with excellent sustain. The hollow body design enhances the guitar's natural acoustic resonance, providing a warm, airy sound that is ideal for jazz and blues styles.

2. Laminated Maple Top, Back, and Sides: The ES175 MIJ boasts a laminated maple top, back, and sides, which contribute to its distinctive tone and aesthetic appeal. The maple construction adds brightness and clarity to the guitar's sound, while the laminated construction helps to control feedback and improve overall durability.

3. Set-In Maple Neck: The guitar features a comfortable set-in maple neck with a traditional "C" profile, offering smooth playability and easy access to the upper frets. The neck's smooth satin finish allows for effortless hand movement, making it ideal for intricate chord voicings and melodic improvisation.

4. Rosewood Fingerboard: Adorned with a luxurious rosewood fingerboard, the Maya ES175 provides a smooth playing surface with excellent note definition and articulation. The fingerboard's classic 20-fret design and elegant pearloid inlays add to the guitar's vintage aesthetic, while the medium frets offer a perfect balance of comfort and stability.

5. Dual Humbucking Pickups: Equipped with dual humbucking pickups, the Maya ES175 delivers the warm, full-bodied tone that is synonymous with classic jazz guitars. These pickups offer a balanced frequency response with plenty of clarity and definition, allowing players to achieve a wide range of expressive tones with ease.

6. Traditional Tailpiece and Tuning Machines: The Maya ES175 features a traditional trapeze tailpiece and vintage-style tuning machines, providing stable tuning and smooth string action. These hardware components add to the guitar's vintage charm while ensuring reliable performance and intonation.

7. Timeless Aesthetic: With its elegant "F" holes, vintage sunburst finish, and gold hardware, the Maya ES175 exudes timeless elegance and sophistication. Whether performing on stage or in the studio, this guitar is sure to command attention with its classic looks and iconic sound.

Overall, the Maya ES175 Made in Japan pays tribute to the golden era of jazz guitar while offering modern players a versatile instrument that is perfect for a wide range of musical styles. With its exceptional tone, playability, and craftsmanship, the Maya ES175 MIJ is a true testament to the artistry and heritage of Japanese guitar making.

Weight: 5.9lbs/2.8kg


  • Case: Hardcase Included