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MXR EVH Phase 90, USED

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The MXR EVH Phase 90: Iconic Phaser Tones with Signature Eddie Van Halen Flair

Experience the iconic phaser tones of Eddie Van Halen with the MXR EVH Phase 90, a pedal that pays homage to the legendary guitarist's unique sound and style. Designed in collaboration with Eddie himself, this pedal offers classic phaser effects with a few tweaks and enhancements to capture the essence of his legendary tone.

Key Features:

1. Iconic Phaser Tones: The MXR EVH Phase 90 faithfully reproduces the classic phaser tones that defined Eddie Van Halen's sound. From subtle warbles to swirling sweeps, this pedal delivers the lush and immersive modulation effects that have become synonymous with his legendary guitar solos.

2. Script and Block Modes: The EVH Phase 90 features both Script and Block modes, allowing you to switch between the vintage "Script Logo" phase shifting sound and the more modern "Block Logo" phase shifting sound. This gives you the flexibility to dial in the perfect phaser tone for any musical style or genre.

3. Speed Control: The Speed control knob allows you to adjust the rate of the phase shifting effect, giving you precise control over the speed and intensity of the modulation. Whether you're looking for slow and subtle phasing or fast and dramatic sweeps, the Speed control allows you to tailor the effect to suit your taste.

4. Compact and Durable Design: Housed in a rugged metal enclosure, the MXR EVH Phase 90 is built to withstand the rigours of the road while taking up minimal space on your pedalboard. Its compact size makes it easy to fit onto any pedalboard setup, while its durable construction ensures reliable performance night after night.

5. True Bypass Switching: The EVH Phase 90 features true bypass switching, ensuring that your guitar's signal remains pure and uncoloured when the pedal is disengaged. This means that your tone stays intact even when the phaser effect is not in use, allowing you to maintain the clarity and integrity of your sound at all times.

From classic rock to modern metal and everything in between, the MXR EVH Phase 90 pedal offers legendary phaser tones with signature Eddie Van Halen flair. Whether you're a fan of his iconic guitar solos or simply looking to add some immersive modulation to your sound, this pedal is sure to become an essential part of your sonic arsenal, helping you unlock new levels of expressiveness and creativity in your playing.