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MXR M193 GT-OD Overdrive Pedal, USED

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The MXR M193 GT-OD Overdrive Pedal: Classic Overdrive with Modern Versatility

Unleash the power of classic overdrive with the MXR M193 GT-OD Overdrive Pedal. Designed to deliver the iconic tone of a cranked tube amp, this pedal offers a wide range of overdrive options to suit any playing style. From warm bluesy grit to searing rock tones, the GT-OD pedal provides the perfect balance of vintage character and modern versatility.

Key Features:

1. Transparent Overdrive: The MXR M193 GT-OD pedal delivers a transparent overdrive that enhances your guitar's natural tone without colouring it. Whether you're playing through a clean amp or pushing a dirty channel into saturation, the GT-OD pedal adds warmth, clarity, and sustain to your sound while preserving the nuances of your playing dynamics.

2. Dual-Stage Overdrive Circuit: With its dual-stage overdrive circuit, the GT-OD pedal offers a wide range of tonal options to explore. The Drive control lets you dial in everything from subtle grit to full-on distortion, while the Tone control allows you to shape the character of the overdrive from smooth and creamy to bright and biting.

3. Classic Design: Housed in a rugged metal enclosure, the MXR M193 GT-OD pedal is built to withstand the rigours of the road. Its compact footprint makes it easy to fit onto any pedalboard, while its intuitive controls make it simple to dial in the perfect tone for any playing situation.

4. True Bypass Switching: The GT-OD pedal features true bypass switching, ensuring that your signal remains pure and uncoloured when the pedal is disengaged. This means that your tone stays intact even when the pedal is not in use, allowing you to maintain the clarity and integrity of your sound at all times.

5. Versatile Applications: Whether you're looking to add some extra grit to your blues licks, push your amp into overdrive for classic rock tones, or boost your solos for added sustain and saturation, the MXR M193 GT-OD pedal has you covered. Its versatile design makes it a valuable tool for any guitarist looking to expand their sonic palette.

6. Easy to Use: With its simple layout and intuitive controls, the GT-OD pedal is easy to use right out of the box. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, you'll be able to dial in great tones in no time, allowing you to focus on your playing rather than getting bogged down in complicated settings.

From blues to rock and everything in between, the MXR M193 GT-OD Overdrive Pedal offers classic overdrive tones with modern versatility. Whether you're playing on stage or in the studio, this pedal is sure to become an essential part of your rig, helping you unlock new levels of expression and creativity in your playing.