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Natal H-PS-MB Pro Mini Boom Cymbal Holder

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Easy to Set Up, Durable, and Versatile

The Mini Boom is the perfect addition to your cymbal set-up. Incorporating a short arm boom, extra cymbals can be added in seconds. Suitable for most cymbal types, and built to the strict standards of Natal's Pro Series, the H-PS-MB Mini Boom is as durable and versatile as you'd expect

Like all Natal Cymbal stands, the tilter is completely toothless so you can operate at any angle and comes finished in high grade chrome and branded Natal wing nuts.

Natal H-PS-MB Pro Mini Boom Highlights

  • Ultra heavy duty and durable
  • Natal wing nuts
  • Rough finish for ultimate grip
  • Toothless for any angle
  • This item does not include mounting hardware - clamp/Dog Bone