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Nobels TR-X, USED

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Introducing the Nobels TR-X Guitar Pedal – a versatile and powerful tool that takes your tone on a dynamic journey through time and space. Born from the legacy of Nobels' dedication to precision and innovation, the TR-X stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to delivering top-notch tone-shaping capabilities.

At the heart of the TR-X is a meticulously designed tremolo circuit that offers a wide range of modulation possibilities. From subtle, vintage-style warbles to bold, pulsating rhythms, this pedal lets you sculpt your sound with precision. The intuitive controls, including Speed, Depth, and Shape, allow you to tailor the tremolo effect to your exact specifications, providing endless sonic exploration.

The TR-X goes beyond the traditional tremolo experience with the addition of a unique Shape control. This innovative feature lets you morph the waveform, allowing for asymmetrical and dynamic modulation patterns. Whether you're aiming for a classic tremolo pulse or experimenting with more unconventional textures, the TR-X empowers you to shape your tone with creativity.

Built like a tank, the TR-X boasts a robust and roadworthy construction that ensures reliability in any musical setting. The compact design makes it pedalboard-friendly, while the true bypass switching preserves your signal integrity when the effect is disengaged, letting your core tone shine through.

Whether you're a vintage tone purist or a sonic explorer pushing the boundaries, the Nobels TR-X Guitar Pedal is your passport to a world of tremolo possibilities. Unleash dynamic modulation, elevate your playing dynamics, and add depth to your sound with the TR-X – where precision meets innovation in a pedal designed to inspire.