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Nord Soft Case for 61 Note Keyboards

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Being able to play a keyboard is fun but what’s more fun is being able to play the synthesiser/keyboard on the road. When the need arises, you would wonder how to carry the keyboard with you on the road and you might even go for the cardboard box initially but it isn’t a suitable solution. The cardboard box and foam usually come with the keyboard when you purchase it but it won’t take too long to see that your make-do solution shatters in front of nature’s forces as it won’t be able to handle the rain. 

Or it might get smashed in the car with other gear so you will need a more permanent solution. The first decision you need to make before you onboard your gear in a vehicle is which kind of carrying case do you need for your keyboard? Let’s discuss these:  

Gig bag or a soft case 

A padded gig bag or a soft case might just be the right solution for you if you are the only one carrying or handling the gear and bag. It is a suitable solution if there is no extra gear in your vehicle and it is being gently loaded into the vehicle. Soft cases are usually quite affordable and take little space and are not that heavy at all! If you have other heavy instruments or gear in the car/vehicle then do not use a soft case.  

Semi-rigid Case

A semi-rigid case is what its name means, semi-rigid. It comes with a material outer covering and with an inner structure of hard foam, and quite possibly some wood supplementation. Semi-rigid cases are relatively low cost and don’t weigh a lot but a little more than the soft case. They cover more space too. 

However, these are much more protective of the keyboard so you can stay assured your keys, sliders, etc. are in good hands. These cases can also easily slide between heavier ATA cases and don’t get hurt with the ordinary bumps that usually happen in a vehicle. It’s also fine if other people carry it as long as they know it’s not completely protected. Some semi-rigid cases also come with external wheels.  

Hard Case

Most hard cases come with a polyethylene molded exterior and a soft foam interior padding. Hard cases may also be ATA-approved and offer a very high quality of protection.  

We have the perfect NORD soft case for covering small distances for your keyboard: 

  • Protective soft case for Nord keyboards/synths
  • Padded exterior that comes with a plush interior
  • Shields your instrument from moisture, scratches, and bumps
  • Mid-sized accessory pocket
  • ATA-approved Road Case  

    ATA-approved Road Cases are the type that professional live bands use in and out of the venue before and after performances. They are made of a strong metal and wood frame and can handle plenty of case stacking. The interior is custom-designed with solid foam fitting that defends the instrument from the bumps and scratches that a road trip might bring. You may go for a wheeled case in case you need to drag it around a lot.