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Novation Launchkey 37 Mk3 Keyboard Controller

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Novation have improved the Launchkey formula yet again with their latest iteration, the Mk3. For the Launchkey Mk3 Novation have improved the keybed, as well as the size and velocity-sensitivity of the pads. They’ve also added Chord and Scale modes, a built-in arpeggiator, MIDI output, and MIDI map customisation. They’ve also deepened the Launchkey’s Ableton Live integration and added dedicated Logic integration. The Mk3 is Novation’s most powerful controller yet, offering intuitive control for an expressive way to make music on the computer.

This is the 37-key version, a new and much-requested addition to the Launchkey lineup. By moving the pitch and mod wheels up, Novation have managed to accommodate 37 keys without a huge increase in size over the 25-key version. With the exception of fader controls, this compact keyboard features all the power of the larger Launchkeys in a format that won’t take up too much space in your setup.

Key Features

  • Deep integration with Ableton Live
  • Newly added Logic integration
  • Compatible with major DAWs - HUI integration
  • 37 Velocity-sensitive keys
  • 16 velocity-sensitive, RGB-backlit pads
  • Scale mode for mapping a scale to the keys
  • Chord mode for triggering full chords with a single key
  • Transport and mixer control
  • 5-pin MIDI output for controlling for controlling MIDI-compatible hardware
  • Create custom MIDI maps
  • Free software included
  • Three year warranty

Intuitive Control

With the Launchkey Mk3 making music on the computer is a more efficient, and more enjoyable experience. With full-size velocity-sensitive keys and 16 RGB-backlit velocity-sensitive pads, playing melodies, creating beats, and triggering samples is a responsive and unhindered experience. You also get 8 knobs for controlling parameters, pitch and modulation wheels, and an improved screen.

New to the Launchkey Mk3 are the Scale and Chord modes. With the Scale mode, you can assign a scale to the keys to ensure that you never hit a wrong note. The chord mode allows you to trigger a full chord with only one key, perfect for making the most of your key-space when adding chords to a track. There’s also a built-in arpeggiator with rhythmic controls and 7 playback types opening up plenty of creative avenues. From the onboard controls to the built-in modes, the Launchkey Mk3 features a lot of creative power that’s easily accessible, breaking down the barriers to get your ideas out.

Connectivity and Software Integration

Getting started with the Launchkey Mk3 is really simple as it’s USB-powered and class compliant so you don’t need an external power supply and you don’t need to download any drivers. Novation have added a 5-pin MIDI output to the Mk3, so you can control external MIDI-compatible hardware (you’ll need an external power supply for hardware control).

The Launchkey Mk3 is primarily designed as an Ableton Live controller and Novation worked closely with Ableton to ensure a deep level of integration. With the Launchkey Mk3 you can access all the controls you need in Ableton right from the controller for a seamless workflow. The Launchkey Mk3 also introduces dedicated Logic integration to give you even greater control than previous iterations of the Launchkey. If you’re not an Ableton or Logic user don’t worry, the Launchkey Mk3 is compatible with major DAWs and features HUI integration.

Included Software

To get you started making music the Launchkey Mk3 comes with a range of free software. The free software includes Ableton Live Lite, a slimmed-down version of Ableton’s powerful DAW. 

  • Ableton Live 10 Lite
  • Serato Sample LE
  • Spitfire Audio LABS – Expressive Strings (exclusive)
  • Splice Sounds 2 months membership
  • KlevgrandR0Verb and DAW Cassette
  • XLN Audio AddicitiveKeys
  • AAS Session Bundle

 3 Year Warranty