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Odyssey Trumpet & Cornet Cleaning Snake Brushes

Original price £9.49
Original price £9.49 - Original price £9.49
Original price £9.49
Current price £6.99
£6.99 - £6.99
Current price £6.99

The Odyssey Trumpet or Cornet Cleaning Snake with a long, flexible double ended brush is designed to clean the inner tubing of your instrument and remove any debris. 

  • Rubber coated to protect the instrument  
  • Ideal length to access the main slide areas 
  • Bristles are gentle yet durable  to clean without heavy abrasion  
  • Cord Length - 86cm 
  • Brush width - 2cm 
  • Use regularly to keep brass instrument clean 
  • Frees debris and detritus from inside 
    Odyssey brass instrument brushes are an essential part of your cleaning kit, keeping you instrument clean and clear! Use the brush to gently and keep the bore free from debris. 

    Odyssey recommend cleaning the inside of your instrument once a week using lukewarm (not hot) water and a small amount of mild detergent. Run the water through the instrument and use the brush to reach inside and clean.