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On-Stage KSA7500 Keyboard Stand Extension Arms

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 There are various kinds of keyboard stands that you can get in the market that will do the job of holding your keyboard well when you are practicing or performing. You will need the stand when you are practicing or during a gig or a studio session so it is good to invest in a sturdy piece. If you have made the decision that you want a new stand with extension arms for your keyboard then we have a solution for you. Here is everything you need to know about the keyboard stand and extension arms so read on to get the information you need before you go to purchase one:  

Z Frame

The Z frame stand looks like the letter Z. 

It is put together using several solid pieces of metal which are further locked together to enable the stand to hold strong and stand well. The Z stand usually has a fixed height that you can’t adjust so it is best to try other options before you settle on one. 

X Frame

The most easily available and most regular type of stand is the X frame. It is made using the 2 collapsable arms which are pivoted right in the middle to develop an X like shape. This is an adjustable height solution so you can adjust it as per your height and further lock it to keep it in place so your keyboard doesn’t fall and you can also get braces to prevent its movement in and around the space. 

2 Tier Stand

The 2 level stand is a go-getter because it enables the player to put more than one keyboard (two) at the stand simultaneously. This is a standard extension to the Z or X frame stands, and the extra tier enables the player to put one more synthesizer or midi unit on the stand that they can play with the other hand. 

3 Tier Stand

As the name suggests, these stands allow the player to put 3 keyboards on the stand simultaneously. You can easily manage 2 synths along with a drum machine with a  laptop or control unit and play all three at the same time. The 3 tier models are generally very heavy duty as they are built to hold more weight than the others. So they may not be such a great choice if you travel around a lot for gigs and studio sessions. Have one planted at a location and use it on a permanent basis.  

if  you are looking for a stand with extension arms then we suggest that you go for the On-Stage KSA7500 Keyboard Stand Extension Arms: 

It comes with a universal mounting attachment, and is in a tilting tier shape, it can be attached to any X-style keyboard stand with round or square tubing. 

This universal unit can be stacked on top of a 2-tier stand, making it a 3-tier stand!

Applications: Multiple Keyboards Mounting: 1 or 30mm round or square tubing

  • Weight Capacity: 60 lbs.
  • Colour: Black Powder Coat Finish