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Peavey Classic 50, USED

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The Peavey Classic 50 is a renowned guitar amplifier that combines vintage tube warmth with modern versatility, making it a popular choice among musicians across various genres. With its classic design, authentic tube tone, and robust construction, the Classic 50 delivers exceptional performance for both stage and studio applications.

Key Features:

1. Tube Amplification: The Classic 50 features an all-tube design, utilising premium-grade vacuum tubes to deliver rich, warm, and dynamic tone. With four EL84 power tubes and three 12AX7 preamp tubes, this amplifier provides the coveted tube saturation and harmonics that guitarists love.

2. Two-Channel Design: The amplifier features two footswitchable channels, allowing for seamless transitions between clean and overdriven tones. The "Clean" channel delivers sparkling cleans with ample headroom, while the "Lead" channel provides classic rock and blues overdrive, perfect for everything from smooth breakup to gritty distortion.

3. Vintage Voicing: Inspired by classic tube amplifiers of the past, the Classic 50 offers a vintage-inspired voicing that captures the essence of iconic guitar tones. From bell-like cleans to creamy overdrive, this amplifier delivers timeless sound with remarkable authenticity and character.

4. Built-In Reverb: The Classic 50 includes a built-in spring reverb, adding lush ambience and depth to your guitar sound. With its warm, natural decay, the reverb effect enhances your playing with immersive spatialisation, making your tone feel more expansive and expressive.

5. Three-Band EQ: Equipped with a three-band EQ (Bass, Middle, Treble) on each channel, the Classic 50 allows for precise tone shaping and customisation. Whether you prefer scooped mids for modern rock tones or boosted mids for classic blues sounds, the versatile EQ section enables you to dial in your desired tone with ease.

6. Effects Loop: The amplifier features a buffered effects loop with send and return jacks, allowing you to integrate external effects pedals and processors into your signal chain with minimal signal degradation. This enables you to add modulation, delay, and other effects while preserving the integrity of your core tone.

7. Footswitch Compatibility: The Classic 50 is compatible with a footswitch (sold separately), which allows for remote channel switching and reverb control. This enables you to toggle between clean and lead channels and engage/disengage the reverb effect hands-free, making it easier to navigate your tone during performances.

8. Roadworthy Construction: Housed in a rugged, roadworthy chassis, the Classic 50 is built to withstand the rigours of live touring and gigging. Its sturdy construction, heavy-duty components, and reinforced corners ensure reliable performance night after night, making it a trusted companion for professional musicians on the road.

Overall, the Peavey Classic 50 is a versatile and reliable amplifier that delivers authentic tube tone, vintage-inspired voicing, and modern functionality. Whether you're playing blues, rock, country, or jazz, the Classic 50 provides the tone, versatility, and reliability you need to excel in any musical setting.