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Proel Wave V12 Wave USED

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£299.00 - £299.00
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This is a USED. It has been removed from the box and replaced back inside. it is otherwise unused and in as new condition.

V10WAVE and V12WAVE are active portable sound systems featuring multiple inputs and an advanced MP3 player with BLUETOOTH connectivity, able to play songs from an SD card, a USB MEMORY STICK and also from your smartphone or tablet thru a BLUETOOTH connection. V WAVE include also the BT LINK function that allows to connect your BLUETOOTH device to two speakers in STEREO mode, completely eliminating the need for cables.

The built-in 3-channel mixer, with independent level controls and a 2-band EQ, includes also two USB inputs for connecting PROEL U24H or U24B 2.4GHz Wireless Microphones with USB receiver. These hassle-free wireless systems, available both with handheld and bodypack transmitter, can be connected to the speakers just pluggin in the ultra-compact USB receiver and offer a high-definition, interference-free transmission thanks to the 2.4GHz technology.

V WAVE loudspeakers can be used in a variety of applications, ranging from speech diffusion and music playback to live music and DJ sets. The extremely versatile cabinets can be mounted on standard speaker poles and the V12WAVE is even fitted with a luggage-style extra handle and two wheels.