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Roland RPB-200PE Adjustable Piano Bench in Polished Ebony

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An adjustable piano bench is quite useful. It is a seating bench that can be used by the pianist who can adjust it as per their height and hand coordination requirements. The height adjustment varies with every sort of bench and might range from 19 to 23 inches from the ground surface. The device that enables the piano bench to be adjusted is located below the seating. Numerous piano benches sold in the market are manual and make use of a spinning knob to higher and lower the elevation of the bench. 

There are also few piano benches available in the market that are single units that adjust first up and then down. This style of benches is usually found in single units or duet benches. The double seats are quite beneficial when the players are playing a duet and are at varying height levels. 

Players need to maintain appropriate posture when playing the piano. The adjustable piano benches can be used to fix numerous posture issues that both the student and teacher are working on correcting. 

The adjustable piano benches are essential to learning how to play piano like a pro and help generously in the proper learning of the instrument. With adjustable piano benches, younger kids learning piano can get added benefits. These sort of benches enable kids to get the reeds within their reach. A soft-covered bench surely proves to be of convenience to the pianist as there may be long playing sessions or learning sessions. 

When there is a necessity, children, and adults both employ creative means to find the solutions. Don’t be surprised to see piano players sitting on a pillow atop the stool or using a phone book in between! All this is done to make up for the huge gap in the height of the stool, learner/player, and the piano. 

Adjustable benches solve the problem. The players can easily turn on the knob and make the bench taller or shorter to suit their height. There are mechanical switches available too that enable the player to switch to different heights for best hand coordination. The player can simply place their fingers on the keyboard/piano and then the mechanical switch will work on the posture and height on its own. 

The Roland RPB-200PE is one of the best adjustable-height bench seats available for piano and keyboard instrument players. It is great for long playing sessions and features a great shiny finish that would fit the aesthetic of your house and look great with the décor.  

Features of the Roland RPB- 200PE: 

  1. Solid wood construction, durable 
  2. Cushioned seat top (Vinyl), suitable for long learning/playing sessions 
  3. Adjustable height that enables the user to adjust the height as per a child or a teenager or an adult 
  4. Polished Ebony finish gives the royal look 

The price of this Roland piano bench is quite affordable too and would fit the budget of any piano or keyboard owner. If you can buy a grand piano then you would love the price of this Roland Piano Bench.