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Roland RPB-220PE Adjustable Piano Bench in Polished Ebony with Velour Top

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Original price £146.00
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If you own a piano or a keyboard, then you must have, at some point in time, come to the idea that you need a new piano bench. An adjustable piano bench is the best kind of seating solution for households with various pianists or public institutions like schools or churches. The reason behind the latter statement is that many students and pianists sit at the piano and play. The capacity of the stool/bench to adjust enables many players to rely on the bench every time they decide to play, 

The height adjustment varies with each sort of bench and covers the height ranging from 19 to 23 inches from the ground. 

There is a device under the seating that enables the user to adjust the height. Most of the piano benches available in the marketplace come with manual settings and have a spinning knob that adjusts its elevation. 

There are some single units available in the market too that adjust up and a while later, down. These settings are also found in benches that seat two players for duet purposes. These double seats are great when players are of varying heights. 

Players must maintain an appropriate posture during the session. Adjustable piano benches help in fixing posture problems which helps both the teacher and the student. 

The adjustable piano benches are a mandatory aspect of learning the piano well. With these, small kids who have just begun to learn the piano can also start learning better through improved hand coordination. When you buy one, look for a soft-covered bench that will help you stay comfortable when playing for longer sessions. 

In absence of adjustable piano benches, it is a common sight to see players adjusting the height manually by sitting atop the phonebook or pillows or placing other material between them and atop the benchtop. This is quite a creative way of fixing the solution but why go to such lengths when you can easily get an adjustable piano bench like Roland RPB-220PE! 

With this Roland bench, all you have to do is simply turn on the knob and adjust it. Whether you want it to go up or down, turning on the knob will suffice. 

There are Mechanical switches also available that enable the user to adjust the piano height accordingly. The piano can put his fingers on the keyboard to adjust the bench according to their stature. 

Leather has been a famous choice among pianists. Plastic alternatives are also there as they are less costly but they don’t last as long. Undoubtedly, wooden legs in piano benches are the most famous option. They may be manufactured from wood and polished with mahogany, ebony, walnut, white, black (polished and satin) finishes. Don’t forget to match the style, legs, finish, and height of the bench with your piano.

Let's talk about the Roland RPB-220PE. It is among the most sought-after benches among pianists and comes from the highly reputed company, Roland. 

Its features are: 

  1. Adjustable-height bench suitable for pianos and other keyboard instruments and players of varying heights 
  2. Solid wood construction 
  3. Durable 
  4. Plush velour seat top (cushioned for comfort)