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Roland RPB-300BK Adjustable Piano Bench in Satin Black

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Buying a piano is not an inexpensive affair. You have to invest a considerable amount of time and money when it comes to buying a good piano. You have to look out and try different options before actually selecting your ‘The One and only’ piano; or rather say any musical instrument. However, it is quite unfortunate that while giving a lot of weightage to the piano, many people neglect the significance of its accessories, especially a piano bench. They often cut down on the cost and time when it comes to buying a piano bench and generally go for cheap low-quality benches. What they fail to understand is that buying a good piano bench is of equal importance as buying a perfect piano.

We understand the importance of a good piano bench for a pianist and therefore we bring for you the Roland RPB-300BK Adjustable Piano Bench with an additional storage compartment in this evergreen satin white color. It is literally our ‘everything you need’ product. Its comfortable padded seat allows you to practice for long sessions without any difficulty. The finest quality of wood has been used to build the product and extra cushioning is also provided on the seat for you to have a smooth and uninterrupted piano session. This timeless satin-white colored piano bench will not only compliment your piano but will also add a stylish touch to your room space.

Getting full marks for comfort and style, it has another important feature which is its USP! The bench of the piano can be adjusted as per your preferred height which helps you in maintaining a good posture throughout the performance. There are knobs at the sides of the bench which will help you in adjusting its height from 18.9 inches to 22.8 inches. It is definitely the best choice when you have different people playing piano at your home, especially children.  The fact that it can be adjusted means there will not be any unnecessary pressure on your spinal cord while practicing for long sessions.  

Some of the important specifications that you should take into consideration before buying the product are: 

  • Its cushioned vinyl seat top allows you to enjoy your long piano sessions without any discomfort.
  • The height of the satin white piano can be adjusted between 18.9-22.8 Inches. 
  • The piano weighs around 21.4 pounds. (9.70 kilograms)
  • The dimensions of the product is 21.85 x 13.4 Inches. (Length x Width)

Investing in a good piano bench will not only give you a good piano experience but will also maintain your health and posture. Whether you are a beginner or a professional pianist, you have to spend a substantial amount of time on a piano and we want to make sure that it is uninterrupted by any of the trivial issues. You can surely opt for the Roland RPB-400BK Adjustable Satin White Piano Bench which is a perfect combination of Comfort, Style, and Elegance.