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Roland RPB-400BK Adjustable Piano Bench with Storage in Satin Black

Original price £178.00 - Original price £178.00
Original price £178.00
£178.00 - £178.00
Current price £178.00

Finding a perfect piano bench is as crucial and challenging as finding a good piano. Whether you are a beginner practicing for one or two hours or an expert who can go on with the practice for four to five hours, you surely need a wonderful piano bench that does not create a hindrance in your practice sessions and is free from all drawbacks. So here we are, presenting you an epitome of comfort, style, and durability when it comes to piano accessories, which have been skillfully manufactured fulfilling all the essentials of a perfect piano bench. 

The Roland RPB-400BK piano bench comes with comfortable cushioning and support that will allow you to practice for long hours without any discomfort. While there are innumerable benches available in the market which may look aesthetically pleasing and attractive but they will not be a pleasing option when it comes to comfort and convenience. So, you have to go for something that not only adds luster to your room space but at the same time is super-comfy and with perfect cushioning. The Roland RPB-400BK  is one such option. It will neither disappoint you with its style nor with its comfort.

One distinguishing feature of this classic satin black Roland RPB-400BK model of piano benches is that it comes with an adjustable seat. The height of the seat can be modified as per your requirement. Normally, other piano and keyboard benches that are available in the market come like a normal house stool and do not possess any such feature. Because of which separate benches were required for different people in the family. It is quite a burden sometimes! But now, you don’t have to adjust yourself as per the seat, it is the piano bench that will adjust as per your comfort. It is literally your one-time investment!

The piano bench is well-constructed with supreme quality polished wood. This not only gives a lustrous look to the product but also makes it durable. The finest quality of materials has been used to manufacture this product which makes the Roland RPB-400BK piano bench sturdy enough to withstand a considerable amount of weight.

Well, the pizza is ready but what about the toppings? So here’s the icing on the cake. You can lift up the bench to access convenient storage space. This Space has been specifically designed to keep your music sheet and other accessories. There is now a lesser chance of your things getting misplaced and you spend a lot of your time while searching for those lost things. In addition to that, there is no need to maintain an additional storage space or carry a separate bag for keeping anything. Everything is just right there and perfectly placed.

Some additional necessary details regarding the product have been produced hereinafter: 

  • The product weighs around 14.3 pounds (6.49 kilograms). 
  • Cushioned seat top to provide extra comfort during long practice sessions
  • The length and breadth of the product are 55 and 35.3 centimeters respectively.
  • The height of the bench can be adjusted between 18.9-22.8 inches. (48.006-57.912 centimeters)

Where else would you find such a perfect combination of all the best things? From comfort to style, from durability to innovation; we have covered all your bases. C’mon, you just cannot miss buying such a wonderful piano bench.