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Roland TR-8S Rhythm Performer

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The Roland TR-8S Rhythm Performer is here...

Roland has created something truly special with the TR-8S, a drum machine, digital instrument and the highly anticipated update of the AIRA TR-8 released back in 2014. This powerful and intuitive drum machine can store 128 user drums kits and includes all major legendary Roland TR models including the 808, 909, 707, 727, 606 plus a number of variants and samples from Roland's gigantic library. Customize and save your kits by assigning sounds from across the Roland range or load your own custom stereo and mono samples into the TR-8S via the SD card.

There are no sampled TR sounds found here on the TR-8S, each machine features a complex, component-level model, driven with Roland's ACB technology to replicate with an unparalleled exactness, the behaviour of the original TR hardware.

Built-in effects can be assigned to the master out or each individual channel for ultimate expression and kit customization. The effects on the TR-8S include high and low pass filters, isolator, crusher, phaser, flanger and many more; plus, the TR-8S includes six unique reverbs and three variations of echo. The TR-8S's Master FX knobis great for creating a sudden and effective shift in a live performance whilst each channels control knob above the fader allows you to fine-tune your kits individual elements with echo's, reverb and other effects to add character, space and depth to your beats. Dedicated controls for Accent, Reverb and Delay take control one step further. The inclusion of motion recording with the TR-8S means you can dial-in and automate tuning, decay, effects and a whole lot more to fully customize your sound.

All your knob and effect setting can be saved with each kit for super-fast recall for live performance, there are 128 patterns and each pattern can have up to 8 variations that are chain-able in any combination. The variations are all accessible via 8 A-H buttons found on the left-hand side of the machine.

The immensely popular 'Auto-fill' feature found on the TR-8 and 808 is back once again on the TR-8S. Create up to two customized drum fills per pattern with an additional scatter effect and the ability to swiftly select via the dedicated auto-fill knob at what measure the fills trigger. It's incredibly intuitive and fun to utilize whilst playing.