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Sandberg Chris Childs Enigma 4 String Bass EX DISPLAY

Original price £2,111.00
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Original price £2,111.00
Current price £1,599.00
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Current price £1,599.00

Ever since their inception towards the end of the 1980's, Sandberg has been a by-word for unique, class, and high quality.

Take a look at Thunder's very own hard-rocking bassist Chris Childs!


With the Chris Childs signature ENIGMA from Sandberg, you get a stunning, hand-crafted bass guitar, with a sleek hard rock maple neck, a gloss black finish with two cream "racing stripes", and an ebony fingerboard with a custom 12th fret inlay. Oh yes, and a Sandberg wouldn't be a Sandberg without a stunning set of pickups and preamp to get the party started, and the ENIGMA is no different!

The shielding over the pickups carefully disguises the fact that the mid-position pickup isn't a humbucker at all: it is in fact a Sandberg designed Split Coil P-Bass style pickup!

Both pickups house larger-than-usual poles to accurately grab and process all string movements with zero loss. Just imaging: a meaty P-Bass style tone with an in-your-face Stingray type attack and you'll get an idea of just how awesome the Split coil pickup is. Then there's the awesome M series bridge humbucker. This humbucker is based heavily around the popular Stingray style humbucker pickup shape, with a fat and grinding tone.

Use both pickups together, or individually, to produce a wide array of excellent tones, and explore their sonic possibilities further with the onboard Preamp

The preamp circuitry on the Sandberg Enigma is just as crafty as the pickups. What initially looks like a standard setup has a clever little surprise in store, in the shape of a push/pull Volume control knob that allows you to set the preamp to Active or Passive.

Next to the Volume control you have the Balance control, which acts as a nice pickup selector "Blend" option, where you can determine the level of each pickup in the mix (centre position has both pickups running at 100%, or turn the control in the direction of the pickup you want to be at the forefront to make it so). The Treble control allows you to either boost the Treble or cut the tone, which works even in passive mode!

Finally there's the Bass control, which works in the same way as the Treble control (without the passive cut) but for your low-end frequencies. Exciting stuff!

Sandberg's Enigma is as comfortable to play as its looks would suggest. This combined with the awesome finish, and the solid hard-wood construction makes repeatedly playing this bass for extended periods of time seem like more of a pleasure than a chore. The most difficult thing I've found when it comes to Sandberg basses is thinking up a reason NOT to buy one.


  • Made In: Germany
  • Colour: Black, high gloss lacquer
  • Body: Alder
  • Neck: Hard rock maple, 34" scale
  • Neck Joint: Bolt-on, six-bolt attachment
  • Nut Width: 44mm
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Frets: 22
  • Pickups: 1 x Sandberg humbucking pickup (Bridge), 1 x Sandberg split-coil pickup (Middle)
  • Electronics: Active, 2-band EQ, 9-volt
  • Controls: Volume, pickup pan, treble, bass
  • Hardware: Black, Sandberg lightweight, elephant-ear machine heads, Sandberg toploading bridge
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Case/gig bag included: Gigbag