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Schaller Guitar S-Lock Pair Chrome Plated Strap Locks

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For extra security when wearing your guitar with a strap, replace your current strap buttons with a pair of strap locks! Strap locks screw into your existing strap button holes and prevent your strap from slipping off; a potentially costly accident for your guitar!

When it comes to strap locks, they don't get much better than Schaller who have decades worth of experience making them. The new Schaller S-Slocks have three components:

The Strap Button: which fits all existing strap buttons so you won't have to make any adjustments to your guitar

The Lock: which attaches to your strap (of up to 6mm thickness) and features a pull-up ball for easy release when you need to change guitars

The Lock-Wheel: which can be screwed into the strap for maximum security

The Schaller S-Locks are also noiseless so they won't rattle around when playing. The S-Locks are a great addition to your instrument if you're looking for that extra sense of security when playing your guitar on stage.