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Yamaha In Store Event - Saturday 24th February - Click Here For More Info

Schecter Studio 4 FL LH, USED

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Introducing the Schecter Studio 4 FL – a cutting-edge and versatile fretless bass guitar designed to meet the demands of discerning bassists. Crafted by Schecter, a brand renowned for pushing the boundaries of instrument design, the Studio 4 FL offers a modern blend of precision, playability, and tonal excellence.

The Studio 4 FL features a sleek and contoured mahogany body, providing a balanced and resonant foundation for its fretless design. The lack of frets on the rosewood fingerboard allows for smooth glissandos, expressive slides, and a unique tonal palette that is distinctively fretless.

Equipped with a pair of EMG 35HZ pickups, the Studio 4 FL delivers a powerful and articulate bass tone with excellent clarity. The active 3-band EQ allows for precise shaping of your sound, giving you control over the bass, midrange, and treble frequencies. Whether you're laying down a tight groove or exploring melodic lines, this bass provides the versatility to cover a wide range of musical styles.

The neck-thru maple neck with a comfortable "C"-shaped profile ensures playability and easy access to the entire fingerboard. The side dot markers with fret lines on the fingerboard aid in navigation, allowing for accurate fretless playing.

Whether you're a jazz virtuoso, a fusion enthusiast, or a bassist looking to add a fretless dimension to your sound, the Schecter Studio 4 FL is a contemporary instrument that invites exploration and creativity. With its modern design, powerful pickups, and fretless playability, this bass guitar stands ready to make a bold statement in any musical setting. Elevate your bass playing with the Schecter Studio 4 FL – where innovation meets precision for an unparalleled musical experience.