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Spector Euro4 LX Natural, USED

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The Spector Euro4 LX is a true masterpiece that exemplifies the pinnacle of craftsmanship, versatility, and sonic excellence. This instrument is the embodiment of Spector's dedication to creating high-end bass guitars that inspire musicians around the world. With its stunning natural gloss finish and impeccable attention to detail, the Spector Euro4 LX is a true work of art that will captivate both your eyes and ears.

Crafted in Czech Republic, with precision and passion, the Spector Euro4 LX features a beautifully figured maple body that showcases the natural grain and beauty of the wood. The ergonomic curves of the body ensure a comfortable playing experience, allowing you to effortlessly explore the full range of the instrument. The natural gloss finish enhances the wood's natural beauty while providing durability and protection.

The Euro4 LX is equipped with a three-piece maple thru-neck. The neck features Spector's signature thin profile, ensuring a fast and comfortable playing experience across the entire fretboard. The rosewood fingerboard adds warmth and resonance to the overall tone while providing a smooth surface for effortless navigation.

At the heart of the Spector Euro4 LX are its powerful electronics. The bass is equipped with a set of Aguilar pickups, renowned for their clarity, articulation, and balanced tonal response. These pickups capture the true essence of your playing, whether you're seeking fat, punchy lows, articulate midrange growl, or clear and singing highs.

The Euro4 LX boasts a flexible and intuitive active tone circuit that allows you to shape your sound with precision. With controls for volume, pickup blend, treble, bass, and midrange, you have complete control over your tone, ensuring that your sound cuts through the mix in any musical setting. The active circuitry enhances the dynamic range and responsiveness of the instrument, allowing for expressive playing and tonal versatility.

Spector pays meticulous attention to every detail, including the high-quality hardware found on the Euro4 LX. The solid brass bridge and locking tuners ensure excellent tuning stability, while the solid brass nut enhances sustain and resonance. The hardware not only provides exceptional functionality but also adds a touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic of the bass.

Whether you're performing on stage, laying down tracks in the studio, or simply exploring your creativity at home, the Spector Euro4 LX Natural Gloss bass is a versatile and reliable instrument that will exceed your expectations. It's an instrument that inspires you to push your boundaries and unlock new musical horizons.


This bass is in great condition, with no signs of damage.

Accessories Included:

Swan flight case included.