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Sterling by MusicMan Luke, USED

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**Sterling by Music Man Luke Electric Guitar: Unleash Your Sonic Potential**

The Sterling by Music Man Luke electric guitar brings you the signature style and tone of a true guitar legend—Steve Lukather. Crafted to exacting standards, this instrument offers a combination of striking aesthetics, high-performance features, and versatile tones that cater to the demands of today's discerning players.

**Key Features:**

1. **Luke Signature Design:** Inspired by the iconic Music Man Luke model, this Sterling iteration embodies the essence of Steve Lukather's vision. With its sleek silhouette, signature cutaway, and elegant appointments, the guitar exudes stage-ready style.

2. **Versatile Electronics:** The Luke guitar is equipped with high-quality electronics that provide a wide sonic palette. The HH pickup configuration delivers a versatile range of tones

3. **Active Electronics:** The active preamp system adds an extra layer of tonal flexibility. Dial in your preferred tone with the master volume, master tone, and a 5-way switch that allows you to access various pickup combinations.

4. **Locking Tuners:** Enjoy enhanced tuning stability and quick string changes with the included locking tuners. Whether you're bending notes or diving into expressive solos, these tuners keep your guitar in tune for extended playing sessions.

5. **Smooth Modern Tremolo System:** The modern tremolo system provides smooth and reliable pitch modulation, allowing you to add expressive vibrato to your playing. Dive bombs, subtle warbles, and everything in between are at your fingertips.

6. **Fast Neck Profile:** The neck features a comfortable and fast-playing profile, making it easy to navigate through intricate chord progressions and shred-worthy solos. The smooth rosewood or maple fretboard ensures a comfortable playing experience.

7. **Sturdy Construction:** Built to handle the rigours of the stage and studio, the Sterling Luke guitar features a solid body construction. The choice of premium tonewoods contributes to the guitar's resonance, sustain, and overall tonal character.

8. **Eye-Catching Finishes:** Express your personal style with a range of eye-catching finishes. Whether you prefer a classic solid colour or a burst finish that highlights the guitar's grain, there's a Luke model to suit your aesthetic preferences.

**Unleash your sonic potential with the Sterling by Music Man Luke electric guitar. Whether you're a fan of Steve Lukather's playing or seeking a high-performance instrument with striking looks, this guitar is a powerful tool for achieving your musical aspirations. Elevate your playing experience with the precision and artistry embodied in the Sterling Luke.**