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T-Rex Room Mate Tube-Driven Reverb Pedal, USED

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The T-Rex Room-Mate, the embodiment of gorgeous-sounding, tube-powered reverb that has taken the guitar world by storm. Now, we proudly present the next evolution of this classic, enhancing it based on your invaluable feedback.

The new Room-Mate retains the same rich and warm tubey quality that made its predecessor a hit. However, we've taken it a step further to provide you with an even more versatile reverb experience. We began by adding a decay knob, allowing you to fine-tune the length of your reverb trail across all four modes. This level of control lets you sculpt your sound with precision.

In addition, we've incorporated a hi-cut knob, perfect for infusing your tone with that beloved vintage vibe. We also introduced a gain knob, enabling you to seamlessly integrate your Room-Mate into your effects loop without overloading the pedal's input stage. This level of customization empowers you to achieve your desired sound without compromise.

The new Room-Mate preserves the phenomenal Room, Hall, and LFO modes you've come to love. But, we didn't stop there. We've completely revamped the Spring mode, and it's nothing short of mind-blowing. When you set the decay low in Spring mode, the Room-Mate emulates a short-spring reverb that captures the essence of vintage classics. Turn up the decay, and you'll unlock a breathtaking long-spring reverb, a sound that's simply unparalleled.

Whether you're a long-time Room-Mate enthusiast or contemplating this pedal for the first time, take a moment to explore its sonic capabilities. We are confident that you will fall in love with what the T-Rex Room-Mate can do for your sound. It's the perfect blend of heritage and innovation, offering a world of possibilities for your musical journey.


This pedal is in good condition, with some signs of wear.

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