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Tanglewood FX3BB-A Guitar Lead Braided Cable 10ft Straight – Right Angle

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Tanglewood FX3BB-A Guitar Lead Braided Cable 10ft Straight – Right Angle is the musical instrument cable offered by Tanglewood for all music lovers whether they have just started their musical journey or are experts in their music. Usually, the instrument cable is the most underrated product. It is a common norm among music enthusiasts that they don’t give much attention to the instrument cable. The importance of the product can only be realised when the music quality is compared to when the cable is used and when it is not used.

Tanglewood FX3BB-A Guitar Lead Braided Cable 10ft Straight – Right Angle can go with any musical instrument and enhance the output of the quality sound. The length of the cable is 3 metres or 10 feet which is decent as the capacitance of the instrument cable depends on the length of the cable.

The instrument cable is made up of three main components. They are connectors, screening and capacitance. The components are well described below:


Connectors are used to connect the musical instrument with the power source. Connectors should not be too soft and should be corrosion-free as the cable needs to be plugged in and out a few times a day. It is always advisable to use good quality connectors so that unnecessary noises and disturbances are avoided. Tanglewood makes sure that its products are corrosion-free and not too soft, thus increasing the longevity of the product.


Screening needs to be done to keep noise to a minimum value so that noises don’t creep in while playing the music. Every electronic equipment has some electrical interference and it can not be avoided. So the best solution is to minimize it. Braided copper and conductive plastic jackets are two generally used materials for screening purposes.


Capacitance is described as the ability to respond to changes in electrical voltage by the cable. The capacitance is measured in picofarads (pF) per metre. Longer the cable, the longer the capacitance. Accordingly, the shorter the cable, the shorter the capacitance. Tanglewood provides the cable in 3-metre size which is perfectly balanced.

Tanglewood FX3BB-A Guitar Lead Braided Cable 10ft Straight – Right Angle has straight plugs. The product comes in FX3A straight to right Angle plugs too.

Tanglewood Flex Cables are designed to capture the dynamic frequency response of the audio spectrum. It also intelligently transfers the tonal detail with greater transparency and better clarity.

Tanglewood is the brand. It is a signature for all music enthusiasts. Reliability and durability speak for themselves in the case of Tanglewood. The company is one of the premier musical instruments that manufacturers the best and the most stylish musical instruments to suit not just your musical needs but also fashion style too.