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TC Electronic Flashback I Delay and Looper, USED

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The TC Electronic Flashback is a versatile and feature-packed pedal that offers a wide range of delay effects and looping capabilities. This pedal is in excellent condition, with a few small scratches and velcro adhesive residue on the bottom, which are minor cosmetic imperfections that do not impact its performance or functionality.

The TC Electronic Flashback is known for its high-quality delay tones, providing you with a diverse selection of delay effects to enhance your guitar playing. From classic analog and tape-style delays to dynamic modulated and ambient reverbs, this pedal covers a wide sonic spectrum. With intuitive controls and adjustable parameters, you have full control over your delay sound.

Despite its small scratches and velcro adhesive residue on the bottom, this pedal remains in excellent working condition. The scratches are superficial marks resulting from normal use, while the velcro residue indicates that it has been securely attached to a pedalboard for convenience and stability during performances.

Featuring a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use controls, the Flashback allows for quick and effortless adjustment of delay settings. It also features a built-in looper with up to 40 seconds of recording time, enabling you to create captivating layered performances and explore your creative potential.

Built with TC Electronic's renowned craftsmanship and reliability, this second hand Flashback pedal ensures consistent performance and durability. Its compact size and sturdy construction make it suitable for both studio work and live performances.

Whether you're a professional guitarist, a recording artist, or a passionate hobbyist, the TC Electronic Flashback is a powerful tool that adds depth and texture to your music. With its small scratches and velcro adhesive residue on the bottom, it carries a bit of character that adds to its story and showcases its previous use.


This pedal is in good condition, with some very small scratches and velcro adhesive residue.

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