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TL Audio Fatman GT100 Combo, USED

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The TL Audio Fatman Amplifier is a powerhouse of sonic versatility and vintage charm. This remarkable amplifier combines classic tube warmth with modern functionality, offering a wide range of tonal possibilities for discerning musicians and audio enthusiasts.

The TL Audio Fatman Amplifier is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, featuring a robust build quality that ensures reliable performance. Its sleek and elegant design captures the essence of vintage tube amplifiers, exuding a timeless appeal that will complement any studio or stage setup.

Equipped with vacuum tubes, the Fatman Amplifier delivers rich, organic tones that are sought after by musicians and producers alike. Whether you're seeking smooth and buttery clean tones or thick and harmonically rich overdriven sounds, this amplifier has you covered. Its dynamic response and touch sensitivity allow you to express your playing nuances with precision and finesse.

One of the standout features of the TL Audio Fatman Amplifier is its comprehensive control set. With dedicated EQ knobs, gain controls, and versatile tone-shaping options, you can dial in your desired sound effortlessly. This flexibility enables you to explore a wide spectrum of tones, from vintage blues and rock to modern high-gain metal, all while maintaining the authentic character and warmth of tube-driven amplification.

This particular amplifier has been installed into a 2x12 cabinet to make an all-powerful combo. This allows for a whole heap of low end for a guitarist to play with. An extra convenient feature of this cabinet is that it has had castors and side handles installed. This allows for easy movement. Ideal for the gigging guitarist looking to use a real amp without all the inconveniences that normally come with a heavy amp that's difficult to carry!


This amp is in good condition, with a few scratches and signs of wear.

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