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Sell Your Gear For Cash - Click Here For A Quote

Trevor James TJ10XE Flute with Curved & Straight Head

Original price £759.00
Original price £759.00 - Original price £759.00
Original price £759.00
Current price £499.00
£499.00 - £499.00
Current price £499.00

This is the perfect 'first' flute for the new player or those returning to the instrument after a few years away.  The TJ10x flute is a very free blowing and high quality silver-plated instrument with the added value of having a 925 silver lip plate and riser.  


  • Designed to be free blowing to assist the new player in obtaining easy and yet rich sound production
  • 925 silver lip and riser 
  • Japanese tubing
  • Padding - High quality Italian pads with accurate airtight seal which is vitally important to the performance of the instrument
  • Felts instead of cork under the tail arms – Very quiet mechanism
  • Triple plated finish A double layer of silver-plating on top of a flash copper coating gives durability to the silver finish of each instrument.
  • Purple lined wooden case with black fleecy lined case cover
  • Fine care and attention to the finishing of all key work – carefully worked during manufacture and then double checked by our UK technicians to ensure instrument looks great to the eye!
  • Accuracy and tightness of all fitting of the key assembly - Gives a secure and positive feel to the student. 


Why does this outfit include two types of head?

Having a flute complete with a curved and straight head is a great idea, especially for younger or physically smaller players. The curved head makes the physical key-reach a lot easier in the beginning, but as the student grows or the player becomes more competent, the curved head can be switched out for the straight for a more traditional playing position.

Setup in the UK by experienced TJ Technicians:

And don’t forget, each Trevor James 10XE-P Flute is crafted to exacting standards with the best components from around the world, with a final hand set-up in our UK technical workshops based in Kent, south-east England.

A Game-Changing, Silver-Plated Headjoint:

The 10XE flute has an exclusively designed lip plate which rises slightly toward the centre. This gives the new, or returning player, the benefit of having an immediate and free blowing sound, especially in the lower octave.  The lower notes are notoriously hard for the new player as it involves most if not all keys being depressed, so the air stream is at times, is right down at the bottom end of the flute. This ‘Shaped’ lip, - unique to the TJ 10XE-P - opens up the lower register and gives a huge advantage over other student flutes because it’s not only easier to play in general, but it’s actually easier to get a great tone too.

The headjoint is most important part of the flute as it’s where the sound originates. So a nice, shiny new instrument with a sub-standard headjoint will have substandard playability, and this is ever more true when the player is new to the instrument.
This is why we at Trevor James have worked continuously to create the very best headjoint for our flutes, and in particular those that aid students in getting the very
best start.