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V-Sleeve Guitar Protector, Brown Vegan Leather

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The Vsleeve is designed to protect your guitar's neck and strings, whether it's in the case or on display, keeping your guitar in pristine condition for longer.

Its specially designed V section inside, locks the neck and prevents air, condensation, and pollutants from coming into contact with the strings. With a padded lock compartment and tough, hard-wearing materials, the Vsleeve is easy to use - simply slide and lock.

Also available in Black Leather, Brown Leather and Black Vegan Leather.


  • Universal fit for most acoustic and electric guitars
  • Prolongs string life and protects neck from temperature changes
  • Unique and chic design with soft, luxurious feel
  • Ideal for guitar stores to protect strings on display
  • Makes a great gift for guitar players
  • Fits inside most guitar cases