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Vox VHQ1 Smart Noise-Cancelling Headphones, Black

Original price £298.00
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Original price £298.00
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Current price £249.00

The VH-Q1 Headphones are the latest innovation from the guitar giants that are Vox. Designed for musicians to give an uninterrupted musical experienced, the Smart Noise Cancelling headphones have proved to be incredibly popular!


Developed with the guitar player in mind, these high-quality headphones feature new Bluetooth headphone technology offering the guitarist and bass player an adjustable, powerful set of headphones that are fully controllable leaving the listener with a great sound experience.

Designed for practicing your instrument, listening to music or using them for talking on a Bluetooth device, these Vox VH-Q1 Headphones in black meet the musician's needs perfectly.

These Vox Bluetooth Headphones produce clear high-quality audio, perfect for practicing guitar, acoustic or bass, listening to your favourite jam or making a phone call.

The VH-Q1 headphones are engineered to optimise with all of these functions offering the best listening experience however they are being used.

Engineered with a wide frequency and superb harmonic response alongside a wide dynamic range makes these headphones crystal clear sounding with a pristine response. The headphones have a 41mm custom PEEK high-grade film diaphragm installed which adds to the listening enhancement of the user.

Designed into the headphones are both Feed-Forward and Feedback Active Noise Cancelling Technology with microphones inside and outside the ear cup that accurately stop a wide range of unwanted frequencies.

Adaptable ear cushions and over the ear cup provide great comfort and excellent sound isolation.

The microphone installed on the VH-Q1 Headphones can pick up vocals or acoustic guitar and isolate the frequencies producing a noise-free monitor play-back. Clear and crisp sounding tone.

You can also feed an audio source through either Bluetooth or another source using the included cable. The monitor sound and the external volumes can be adjusted to reach an ideal balance.

The Vox VH-Q1 Headphones are compatible with a variety of Bluetooth devices and gives the users remote access to both Google Assistant and Siri.

The VH-Q1 features control buttons and switches for maximum manipulation with an all-round multi-function switch making play, pause, rewind, fast forward and skip functions easy and quick.

If the headphones are removed mid-song, the smart transport function will automatically stop the audio remotely, and when they are placed back on they will start the music again so no music is ever missed.


  • Clear high-quality audio output with wide-range frequency response
  • Fantastic Noise Cancelling feature ideal for silent practice
  • Intelligent monitoring with Volume and EQ control
  • Bluetooth Headphone Technology
  • Rechargeable battery with 36 hours of use on a single charge
  • Hands-free calling with Clear audio for clear voice pickup and reception
  • Fast 40msec latency in the VH-Q1
  • Carry case, flight adaptor, connection cable, and 3.5mm to 6.3mm stereo adaptor included