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Walrus Audio ARP-87, USED

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**Walrus Audio ARP-87: Dive into Ambience with Unrivaled Delay**

Embark on a sonic journey with the Walrus Audio ARP-87, a versatile and expressive delay pedal that transcends traditional boundaries. Meticulously crafted by Walrus Audio, the ARP-87 combines advanced features with intuitive controls, providing musicians with a rich tapestry of delay textures to explore. Uncover the key elements that make the ARP-87 an essential addition to any pedalboard seeking ambient bliss and time-bending creativity.

**Key Features:**

1. **Four Unique Delay Algorithms:**
- The ARP-87 features four distinct delay algorithms, each offering a unique sonic landscape. Explore the lush sounds of Analog, the crisp repeats of Digital, the ethereal modulations of Lo-Fi, and the rhythmic patterns of Slapback to discover a range of delay possibilities.

2. **Flexible Delay Time Control:**
- Tailor your delay experience with the ARP-87's delay time control, allowing you to dial in short, slapback echoes or expansive, ambient trails. From quick rhythmic patterns to long, evolving textures, the delay time knob provides unparalleled flexibility.

3. **Mix, Ratio, and Repeats Controls:**
- Fine-tune your delay sound with precision using the Mix, Ratio, and Repeats controls. Adjust the blend of wet and dry signals, control the feedback intensity, and shape the rhythmic patterns to suit your musical context.

4. **Tap Tempo and Subdivision Options:**
- The ARP-87 includes a tap tempo function, enabling you to synchronize your delay to the tempo of your performance. Choose from various subdivisions to create intricate rhythmic patterns that complement your playing style.

5. **Tone Control for Sonic Shaping:**
- Sculpt your tone with the dedicated Tone control, allowing you to shape the character of the delayed signal. From warm and vintage to bright and modern, the ARP-87 provides sonic versatility that adapts to any genre or playing environment.

6. **Hold Function for Ambient Swells:**
- Elevate your ambient soundscapes with the Hold function. Engage this feature to capture a momentary snapshot of your delayed signal, creating atmospheric swells and evolving textures that add depth and dimension to your playing.

7. **Expression Pedal Compatibility:**
- Unleash dynamic control by connecting an expression pedal to the ARP-87. Use the expression pedal to manipulate delay time, feedback, or other parameters in real-time, adding an expressive dimension to your performance.

8. **Stereo Output for Spatial Depth:**
- Enjoy expansive soundscapes and spatial depth by utilizing the ARP-87's stereo output capabilities. Whether in the studio or on stage, the stereo output enhances the immersive quality of your delay tones.

9. **High-Quality Construction:**
- Built to withstand the demands of live performances, the ARP-87 boasts a durable and road-ready construction. The pedal's robust design ensures reliability, making it an ideal companion for musicians who value rugged gear.

10. **Artistic Design and Illuminated Knobs:**
- The ARP-87 features a visually striking design with illuminated knobs, adding an artistic touch to your pedalboard. The intuitive layout and visual feedback enhance the user experience, allowing you to focus on your creativity.

The Walrus Audio ARP-87 is a gateway to a world of expansive delay possibilities. From ambient soundscapes to rhythmic precision, this pedal invites you to push the boundaries of your sonic exploration. Elevate your musical expression with the ARP-87 and experience a delay pedal that combines cutting-edge technology with artistic innovation. Whether you're crafting ethereal textures or adding rhythmic complexity to your playing, the ARP-87 stands as a testament to Walrus Audio's commitment to sonic excellence.