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Warwick Thumb NT5 LH Masterbuilt, USED

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Introducing the Warwick Thumb NT5 LH Masterbuilt – a left-handed masterpiece that stands at the pinnacle of bass craftsmanship, combining precision, innovation, and sonic excellence. Crafted in Warwick's renowned Custom Shop, the Thumb NT5 LH Masterbuilt is a testament to the brand's commitment to creating instruments for discerning bassists who demand the best.

The Warwick Thumb NT5 LH features a breathtaking double-cutaway body crafted from carefully selected Bubinga, delivering a harmonically rich and resonant foundation for your bass tones. The exquisite natural finish showcases the natural beauty of the wood, while the distinctive body shape offers optimal access to the upper frets.

Equipped with two MEC single-coil pickups and an active MEC 3-band EQ system, this bass offers an unparalleled range of tonal possibilities. Whether you seek thunderous lows, punchy mids, or articulate highs, the Thumb NT5 LH provides the versatility to sculpt your sound with precision. The active/passive switch further expands your sonic palette.

The neck-through Ovangkol neck with a Wenge fingerboard ensures stability, playability, and a distinctive tonal character. The 26 jumbo bronze frets and pearl side dots provide excellent fretting accuracy.

The solid Warwick 2-piece bridge enhances sustain, with the brass Just-A-Nut III, allowing for precise intonation adjustments. The sturdy Warwick machine heads ensure stable and reliable tuning, whether you're laying down grooves in the studio or rocking the stage.

Every detail of the Warwick Thumb NT5 LH Masterbuilt is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of professional bassists. From the ergonomic design to the high-end electronics and premium hardware, this bass is a true work of art that delivers a superior playing experience for left-handed players who demand excellence. Elevate your bass playing to new heights with the Warwick Thumb NT5 LH Masterbuilt – where precision meets passion for an unmatched musical journey.

This bass weighs 4.9kg/10.8lbs