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Yamaha B3 Upright Piano in Polished Ebony with Brass Fittings

Original price £6,675.00
Original price £6,675.00 - Original price £6,675.00
Original price £6,675.00
Current price £5,263.00
£5,263.00 - £5,263.00
Current price £5,263.00

The compact B-series represents a distillation of Yamaha’s entire upright piano design philosophy—delivering high-quality sound and natural resonance, along with superb durability. Experience the profound joy in owning a fine acoustic instrument, and let the b series pianos bring you into a new lifestyle, full of musical intimacy.

For the more serious pianist, the YAMAHA B3 is the perfect combination of performance and affordability. The introduction of the B3 to the B-series range sees it approach professional standards whilst remaining true to the b series' design philosophy of value and affordability.

The B3 out-performs pianos costing a great deal more by incorporating Yamaha's traditional values as well as benefiting from the latest production techniques. B3's powerful yet articulate characteristics are produced by a larger frame and soundboard and higher grade hammers coupled with a proven, high specification action design.



Produced at a Yamaha factory in Indonesia from a scale design developed in Japan, B-series pianos are Yamaha’s most affordable entry-level uprights. Although reduced production costs allow budget-friendly prices, Yamaha makes no compromises in the materials and workmanship that go into these exceptional uprights.



Supported by four sturdy wooden back posts and a strong cast iron frame, B-series pianos are endowed with Yamaha’s renowned pure, clear tone. High-grade hammers and a proven action design offer effortless playing and a highly responsive keyboard ‘touch’ that make these uprights ideal for beginning players.



Yamaha’s b Series features pianos in a range of heights, widths, and depths.  With its larger dimensions and heavier construction, the B3 upright requires a little more room but brings a rich, far-reaching sound.


Yamaha designs and manufactures its soundboards, frames, keyboard actions, and other piano parts with unwavering reliability and under the strictest quality control. All parts are assembled by skilled craftsmen to create a thoroughly balanced piano that combines Yamaha's uniquely pure sound quality with excellent performance. The result is a high level of expressiveness that responds faithfully even to those who are just playing the piano for the first time.

Augmenting the elegant and luxurious polished ebony finish, a polished mahogany finish that brings out the beautiful wood grain as well as a stylish polished white finish are also available. Select the one that best enhances the interior of your room or performance space.


Height: 121cm (47 3/4")
Width: 152cm (59 3/4")
Depth: 62cm (24 1/2")
Weight: 237kg (522lbs)