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Yamaha CLP-725PE Clavinova Digital Piano Polished Ebony

Original price £2,256.00
Original price £2,256.00 - Original price £2,256.00
Original price £2,256.00
Current price £1,599.00
£1,599.00 - £1,599.00
Current price £1,599.00

Everything you could want in your first piano. Grand Expression Modeling delivers expressive capabilities approaching those of a grand piano, along with the voices of two of the world's finest grands: the Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial.

CLP-725 Highlights

  • New CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial piano samples
  • Binaural sampling for natural sound when using headphones (CFX only)
  • 10 high-quality instrument Voices to choose from
  • Improved VRM (Virtual Resonance Modeling)
  • Grand Expression Modeling
  • GrandTouch-S™ keyboard with synthetic ebony and ivory keytops
  • 20 Watt x 2 amplifiers
  • 12 cm x 2 stereo speaker system
  • Smart Pianist app compatibility (iOS and Android devices)
  • 5 years extended warranty for registered purchases

The Allure of the CLP-700 Series

The CLP Series of digital pianos utilises cutting-edge technology to recreate the experience of performing on a grand piano, allowing the pianist to play the keys with many variations of speed and depth to achieve an unlimited variation in tone and create uniquely personal performances. With expressive capabilities approaching those of a grand piano, the CLP-700 Series is sure to make playing the piano so much more enjoyable than ever before.

Convenience Only Digital Pianos Can Deliver

Clavinova pianos are loaded with convenient features only digital pianos can deliver. Use headphones to keep your surroundings quiet, and play along with the preset songs. Also, connect to Yamaha’s app, Smart Pianist, to gain extra help for your piano practice.

Enjoy a dialogue with a great piano

The player plays, the piano responds, and the player continues to play. The player conveys the feelings they want to express, and the piano responds, in an ongoing exchange that forges a dialogue between the two. In order for this to be a truly rich exchange, both the player and the piano must possess excellent expressive capabilities; the piano must be easy to play and highly responsive, and it must produce beautiful sounds. CLP-700 Series pianos satisfy all of these conditions, and the inspiration borne from a dialog with it is sure to arouse your desire for expression.


Featuring the latest GrandTouch-S keyboards with a broad dynamic range of touch and response on the level of a grand piano. Excellent consistency and nuanced expression give the pianist the utmost control over touch.


Grand Expression Modeling is a groundbreaking new technology that enables the pianist to use their techniques to produce the limitless tonal variation unique to grand pianos. The ability to vary the intensity and speed of touch to produce different tones adds another dimension to the joy of musical expression.

Sound Quality

Virtual Resonance Modeling performs real-time modeling of the sympathetic resonance created by the behavior of the strings and body of the instrument—the foundation of the beautiful sound of a genuine grand piano. Also, the latest acoustic design technology delivers lifelike concert grand piano tone and resonance to your home for you to enjoy.

Compatible with Flowkey – the App for learning piano

Flowkey is an exciting app for learning how to play the piano. The app offers a huge selection of interactive songs, tutorials and courses. These give you immediate feedback on your piano playing and support your progress. Combine your Yamaha piano or keyboard with Flowkey and you too will soon be able to play your favourite music. Discover your musical potential now and take advantage of this offer from Yamaha and Flowkey – available for a limited time only by clicking here

Dimensions and Weight

Width: 1,353 mm  (53-1/4")
Depth: 415 mm  (16-5/16")
Height: 851 mm  (33-1/2")
Weight: 45 kg  (99 lbs 3 oz)

Let's journey into the realm of the extraordinary, a place where music and technology unite to create an extraordinary masterpiece - the Yamaha CLP 725. Crafted with precision and love by the globally recognised Yamaha brand, the CLP 725 is a remarkable digital piano that takes musical creativity to stratospheric heights. But what makes the Yamaha CLP 725 so special?

The Unique Allure of the Yamaha CLP 725

The Yamaha CLP 725 stands out in the digital piano landscape for its unique blend of traditional touch and contemporary technology. The authentic acoustic piano touch is married to Yamaha's industry-leading sound technology to deliver an unmatched playing experience. The Real Grand Expression (RGE) sound engine allows you to fully express your musicality through outstanding sound reproduction.

From subtle pianissimo to bold fortissimo, the Yamaha CLP 725 replicates every nuance of your playing. Its Graded Hammer 3X (GH3X) keyboard with synthetic ivory and ebony keytops perfectly emulates the feel of an acoustic piano, providing an unmatched tactile experience. This makes it perfect for both aspiring pianists honing their skills and experienced players seeking the convenience and versatility of a digital piano.

Yamaha: A Legacy of Superior Craftsmanship

In the grand symphony of music manufacturers, Yamaha is a leading soloist. The company's history stretches back over a century, and in that time, Yamaha has earned a reputation for delivering unparalleled quality and value. When you choose Yamaha, you're choosing a brand recognised worldwide for its commitment to sound excellence, innovative design, and superior quality. And the Yamaha CLP 725 is a testament to this legacy.

Exploring the Yamaha CLP 725: Prices and Products

Delving deeper into the allure of the Yamaha CLP 725, you'll find that this exceptional instrument offers tremendous value. Its price points make it a viable option for a broad range of budgets. For those wanting to take a step further, Yamaha's Clavinova CLP series also offers higher-end models, such as the CLP 735 and CLP 775, each adding more features and enhancing the musical experience. However, the Yamaha CLP 725 stands out as the perfect balance of cost and performance, making high-end piano technology accessible to a wider audience.

Fair Deal Music: Your Trusted Partner for Yamaha Instruments

When you're considering where to purchase your Yamaha CLP 725, Fair Deal Music emerges as the ideal choice. With a history of over 30 years serving music lovers, Fair Deal Music prides itself on its customer-centric approach, competitive prices, and extensive knowledge of musical instruments. Not only do they offer a diverse range of Yamaha products, but they also provide comprehensive customer support to ensure that you get the most out of your purchase.

Who is the Yamaha CLP 725 Ideal For?

The Yamaha CLP 725 is a versatile instrument that caters to a wide demographic of users. For beginners, it offers an excellent platform to learn and develop piano skills. The GH3X keyboard and RGE sound engine provide an authentic piano playing experience that can acclimate beginners to the nuances of an acoustic piano.

For more experienced players, the Yamaha CLP 725 serves as a reliable practice instrument, allowing them to play and compose at any time with headphones without disturbing others. Additionally, its compact design makes it suitable for people living in apartments or homes with limited space.

In essence, the Yamaha CLP 725 is more than just a digital piano. It's a musical companion that grows with you, ready to support your journey from the first note to the grandest of compositions. Experience the Yamaha CLP 725 today and step into a world of limitless musical potential.