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Yamaha LP-1WH White Pedal Unit for P-series Pianos & DGX-670WH

Original price £87.00 - Original price £87.00
Original price £87.00
£87.00 - £87.00
Current price £87.00

Three piano-style pedals for Sustain, Sostenuto and Soft control, as found on traditional grand pianos.  The LP-1WH is compatible with the following models when attached to the dedicated Yamaha stand:

  • P-121WH
  • P-125WH
  • P-225WH
  • P-515WH
  • P-525WH
  • P-S500WH
  • DGX-670WH

Yamaha’s LP-1WH white pedal unit is truly the best of both worlds for musicians. This pedal set’s smart design is a near perfect match to the experience of a grand piano and at the same time it allows musicians to enjoy the freedom and portability of an electronic piano.

The Yamaha LP-1WH pedal attachment perfectly complements the DGX-670WH, P-125WH, P-515WH and P-121WH pianos when attached to a dedicated Yamaha stand. You will have to use a L-125 stand for this pedal attachment to be fully compatible with your piano.

This attachment’s excellent quality and design will truly make you feel like you are playing a grand piano. Its three piano-style pedals give you sustain, sostenuto and soft control similar to a traditional piano. If you are looking to raise the bar as a musician, then adding this pedal unit to your piano might be a worthwhile move. The unit’s simple design and easy installation process makes it an excellent option for beginners and experienced musicians alike. 

This pedal unit is a light in weight and does not take up much space, making it easily portable. Its sleek look and clean black finish add a touch of class to your piano set up. Yamaha is trusted across the globe for its excellent choice of materials in all its products and this pedal unit is no different. Along with being durable, this pedal unit also comes with non-scratch and non-slip plastic caps. 

P121WH P125WH P515WH DGX670WH PS500WH