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Yamaha Reface CS Synthesizer Mini Keyboard

Original price £437.00
Original price £437.00 - Original price £437.00
Original price £437.00
Current price £384.00
£384.00 - £384.00
Current price £384.00

The Yamaha reface CS uses analog physical modelling with no preset sounds. The octave slider on the reface CS can instantaneously transform a dirty synth bass into a cutting lead and with 4 dedicated effects you can easily adjust your sounds. The CS allows you to explore the sounds using envelope filters and oscillators that are assinged to the sliders at the top of the control panel. The reface CS also has a built in looper for you to capture any ideas you come up with and want to layer with sounds. The reface CS is based on the classic Yamaha Control Synthesizer series of the 70s, now with a stripped back interface and user friendly navigation.


・Analog Physical Modeling Engine with multiple synthesis and oscillator types

Each oscillator type has flexible LFO and ADSR routing plus unique Texture and Mod controls that work as follows:
Texture, control adds sub-oscillator
Mod, layers multiple sawtooth waves
Texture, changes pitch of 2nd square wave
Mod, change pulse width
Oscillator Sync
Texture, changes pitch and tone of OSC2
Mod, sets pitch change amount
Ring Modulation
Texture, changes pitch of OSC1
Mod, changes pitch of OSC2
Frequency Modulation
Texture, sets Modulation amount
Mod, changes pitch of the Modulator

・Onboard effects processor with five types add depth to your sound
The effect types are: OFF (effect bypass,) Delay, VCM Phaser, VCM Chorus/Flanger and Distortion
・8-note polyphony allows complex chords and pads or switch to mono Mode for fat synth bass or solo leads


・Based on the FS action found on the flagship Motif XF, HQ (High Quality) Mini Keys provide premium feel and response for fast, accurate and natural playing

・Integrated Phrase Looper: capture song ideas or just jam
・Continuous controller pedal input for volume control