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Yamaha SG 1802 P90's Ebony, USED

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Introducing the Yamaha SG1802 with P90 pickups in Ebony, USED – a distinctive guitar that not only boasts vintage charm and modern playability but also comes with a unique history. This particular instrument has undergone a professional headstock repair, expertly executed to ensure both structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

The Ebony finish exudes timeless elegance, accentuating the sleek contours of the SG1802. Fitted with P90 pickups, this guitar offers a rich and nuanced tonal range, ideal for musicians seeking versatility in their sound. The added character of a well-maintained USED condition enhances the instrument's overall vibe, making it a standout choice for players who appreciate instruments with a story to tell.

What sets this Yamaha SG1802 apart is its discreet yet skillfully executed headstock repair. The repair work is virtually invisible, a testament to the craftsmanship involved, ensuring that the guitar not only looks exceptional but also stands up to professional standards. This detail adds a layer of uniqueness to the instrument, making it a distinctive piece for collectors and players alike.

Whether you're drawn to its vintage aesthetic, powerful P90 pickups, or the intriguing story behind its professional headstock repair, the Yamaha SG1802 in Ebony, USED, is a rare find that combines reliability, history, and exceptional playability. Unleash your creativity and make a statement with this one-of-a-kind instrument that seamlessly blends the best of the past and the present.