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Yamaha YTR-4335GSII B♭ Intermediate Trumpet - Silver Plated

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Original price £1,068.00
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Current price £811.00

The Yamaha YTR-4335GII BB Trumpet is a step-up instrument but can also be played by beginners. Along with the same basic design of the hugely successful Yamaha, this version offers some real improvements in terms of playability and a more powerful sound. The heavier valve caps and buttons give the trumpet more projection and power. It is easy to play and the intonation is very secure. 


The Yamaha YTR-4335GII BB Trumpet features a modified two piece gold-brass bell with a thickness of metal that produces a richer and wider range of tonal colors. Durable yet light, the bell promotes good technique and easy endurance while playing.

The gold brass bell gives the instrument a warm and harmonized sound over the whole tone range. This rich tone quality and freeblowing feel makes it an excellent choice for those who want to take their playing to the next level. Its newly designed piston buttons and bottom covers, as well as very resistant monel alloy pistons, help to extend the life of the instrument while also improving sound quality. The valve cabs and knobs are more solid than before; the valves are made out of MONEL and have a self lubricating quality. The maintenance interval is very low. It is also easier removing the cabs to get the valves oiled with the YTR-4335 GII. 

Another great feature is the material's high tensile strength, which provides excellent corrosion resistance. The sound of the YTR-4335 GII gets enhanced because of the MONEL. It also has a new tuning slide. The 2nd and main tuning slides are produced using the same method as high-end Yamaha models, which provides stability, a more refined tonal colour and added durability. The Main tuning bracelets sound more focused and hold together.

The trumpet can be transported comfortably in a new designed light case. Yamaha YTR-4335GII BB Trumpet comes with a hardened case which includes back-straps for easy carrying. 



  • Great sound
  • Durable moving parts
  • Gold brass bell
  • New pistons, valve caps and buttons
  • New tuning slides